Thursday, December 31, 2009

Fashion, Passion, Compassion

As we gawk at the glamour of runway models and see the beauty that sells the "new fashion" product. We typically just see the outside of the model. We forget that the internal dialogue got her to where she is walking down a isle in front of hundreds, thousands or possibly millions of people.

These beautiful models have to start somewhere. Some are discovered. Some have had a deep desire to model from an early age, and some find out what they can do it because of their beauty and style wins the hearts of those around and presents the path to them.

Now as the beauty fades from a youthful glow and turns into a more mature experienced beauty these models reinvent themselves to serve a bigger cause or in different communities. They become actresses, make exercise or diet products, become moms, create their very own fashion lines of clothing, purses, perfumes, etc. that gets them into multiple ways to express themselves.

Some who are models are passionate about being a fashion model, some are not. The glamour doesn't make all people equally happy or feel any kind of emotion. What they believe about being a model in fashion industry does.

Many people see a beautiful looking person in a magazine or in person and practically worships the idea of them, lusts after them in some way, or are infatuated with them. They appear to be rich and beautiful so that must mean that they are happy, satisfied, and have a wonderful life.

We assume these people are certain things by what we see from our perspective. Remember we are placing value on things that we know little or nothing about if we are not in the modeling world.

Sometimes we can't help compare our lives to those who we might look up to or think they have something more than we might have. That is normal. That is until you realize that being someone else is not really all that satisfying...ever. Being you and becoming more of the God self that you are and in your own authentic expressions from creating through your passions leads you to a happier life.

If there is a passion that you'd like to do that you are not currently pursuing - will you take a moment to notice it now – what it is or what might be. Just take a few minutes out of your busy life to connect with yourself and what matters to you. Your passion is something that makes you feel like a kid and time flies so fast when your doing it. You’d do it for free and you do it because it makes you feel good!

Make list on some paper or your computer what your passions are or might be.
Once you have a list or at least one thing then you'd want to really feel out aspects of it like this. Take a paper and do what we call a mind map as in the link below.


After you have one or more passions written down take a long look at them. What would it be like if these passions were a part of your life everyday? Contemplate that for a few minutes. How could you take on one or more of them and start to live these passions now?

Part of living your passions is getting great joy from them. As you put them into your life they become even a greater way to live than without them.

People have to want to live a greater life to truly tap into what their passions could be if they don’t know. The discover of your passions and the installing them into your life is quite thrilling. Sometimes when you start making your passions come true you have doubts about why you didn’t start living your passions much sooner than you did. If you still don’t know what your passions are – guess. If not then just open yourself up to knowing. Just say out loud to the Universe or the inside listener “I would like my passions to reveal to me as soon as possible. Thank you for granting my request!” It will come. Look for it.

As you start to live your passions which requires you to let go of the past imperfect performances and have compassion for yourself without reservation. Many people who start living their dreams sometimes find they are judging themselves for not living their dreams sooner because it was so easy to get started. Have no fear this is a process not an event.

As you embrace your passions and compassion for yourself you’ll find a freedom seldom felt before. You will have a better instinct for going more towards your good. You’ll find that compassion for yourself might start with you but will extend to others easily once you give it to yourself.

As you are more tuned into your passions and what you feel purpose doing you then can imagine greater things for yourself. Each state you claim consciously helps you climb to another level and you see and feel more than ever before. Each level of your awareness helps you expand beyond it. You see farther at each awareness level.

Let go of your excuses and start to live your passion changes your life course. Even thinking and feeling you have some conscious control over the consequences in your life can be life altering. Realizing that when you see your “truth” from the inside and feel it to be true on the outside – it becomes a reality.

Two quotes from Lynne McTaggart: Author of The Intention Experiment and Living The Field.

“So the implications are that observation, even after the fact, determines the final outcome. The observer entirely controls whether that which is observed comes into being – at any point in time.”

“As Wheeler once noted in 2006, two years before he died: ‘We are participators in bringing into being not only the near and here but the far away and long ago.’ In his fertile imagination, he even imagined the entire universe as one giant wave in need of observation to have brought it into being. In this instance, perhaps the observer will turn out to be God (Imagination).”
Added Imagination with parenthesis by Gary Nordgren.

As the first quote from Lynne McTaggart has us thinking as Neville has shown us in written word and lectures in so many ways,
“Remain faithful to your assumption, and that Being who is going to erupt in you will take you to that end. If you find yourself moving from your fulfilled desire, go back to it, and once more assume the feeling of the wish fulfilled. Do this and your assumption will harden into fact.”

Lecture #118 – Neville 05/06/1969

“I would try to sustain it without effort, that is, I would live and act as though it were already a fact, knowing that as I walk in this fixed attitude my assumption will harden into fact.”

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“An assumption will harden into fact. If an assumption creates its own reality then there is no such thing as fiction. I may forget what I assumed today and when it appears I may not recognize my own harvest, but it could not enter my world had I not brought it in by an imaginal act.”

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Observing something from the inside by assuming it definitely follows and confirms the first quote from Lynne McTaggart. Revising something that has happen changes the reality as the first quote suggests brings it into being. Can you believe this reality you imagined is true even after the facts presented themselves on the outside?

These quotes are not talking about some superman or superwoman – it is talking of humans. That means you. You have this power that Neville says you have and the several of brightest scientific minds has agreed also with their studies in the last 40 years. That means you can create reality even with revision. You can observe something on the inside no matter whether it is in the past or the present you can create it and bring it out of nothing by imagining the outcome you desire on the inside.

Neville thought of the words Jesus Christ, God, Imagination, I AM, to be interchangeable with each other as meaning the same thing. As you read the second Lynne McTaggart quote above putting in Imagination it makes it much more powerful to our subject I think.

Imagining what you desire forgives you about your past results. It forgives the state that you no longer are in. Your state dictates your fortune! Letting yourself have the state you’d prefer on the inside seems like trickery at first until you experience your own reconstruction of mental images coming to life on the outside world. Let the truth begin even if it seems like trickery!

It’s a thrill when you realize your first experience of imagining some experience into reality. When you continue to busy your brain in image making in imagination and all the while expecting state changing results you are beginning to know you are HE. HE who would can affect His world by imagining movement from within!

You become what I call the master over yourself. You start to imagine and reality changes more and more rapidly as you believe you can affect reality. As you are become more and more aware of who you are you start to awake to the real you of power, love, and kindness! You can’t help but become your brothers keeper and see, hear, know, and feel others peoples lives improve to a more lovelier life for them. You imagine your brother or into stranger into a new state and they go into eventually. You imagine your relatives to be in a happier, healthier, and richer states and they start improving their attitude and their states right in front of you if you see them often enough!

You now know that if you don’t look back and see others any better or valuable than you because you now know you can use your imagination to enter into your own spot. As you embrace your passions – the things you love to do. Go ahead and give yourself some self-compassion for all the things you didn’t do in the past or did do that you decided you shouldn’t have done. Let go of any energy that doesn’t make you feel good about you with compassion. If you need to revise the past situations or conditions do that. Learn from your past what is valuable for the future and let all else go.

Take a few seconds and imagine the ideal images, voices, feeling you’d prefer to have running through your senses. Persuade yourself that this new ideal situation is the real scene from the past. Your memory will support that since our memories are easily plastic. In fact every time you remember a past situation you change the memory of it! So at least give yourself what the most ideal condition would have been and dial that up in one or more of your senses.

So afterwards check yourself. Think about the past situation. Does it feel the same or has it changed? If it still is not neutral or positive for you dial up your senses again and engage one or more of them and over ride the past situation with the idealized situation or condition.

So lets say someone told you that you weren’t very smart and you have played that in your head and feelings way too long. Imagine what you’d want that person to say to you. Make it first and foremost believable to you. So maybe an ideal thing that they would have said instead would be “At first glance at you I thought you weren’t very smart then I realized that with a little applying yourself you can be as smart as you want to be.” Or “You know I prejudged you to not be very smart but once I got to know you I found you are very smart and capable to handle anything that comes your way!”

If you see things happening to you from the outside take another snapshot. Make it exactly the ideal action you’d prefer in the scene from the past so you can blow the past images away with a strong powerful, bright, up close image.

Use whatever sense you have going on in the scene and scramble it. Play it backwards ten times really fast. Put clowns feet on the person who would be the person that might have been ignorant of your true potential of your unlimited capacity. Put a clowns nose on them. Make them look and act funny. Then pop them into a gorilla outfit and pop them into a cows outfit and then pop them into a hot dog bun’s outfit walking around trying to stay standing up. See them keep falling down and getting up. In fact slow them down so slow it is comical to you. Make their speech slow. Make their mind slow. Make them looked confused. Now put a dunce hat on them or put them in a Santa suit and see kid after kid very fast sitting on their lap and see every kid peeing on their lap. See their mouth sewed up like in the Matrix where Neo couldn’t talk. See them struggle and wonder what is going on and why they can’t talk. Looking at you in horror and the only thing that can come out of their mouth is positive about you.

See you have the power over the images or the moving picture – you can change every aspect of it with whatever you can imagine. Change the feelings about the past with revision. It doesn’t have to be serious unless you insist has to be that way. Make the revising as fun as you want it to be!

So take it upon yourself whether you look at the fashion of the world and see good or your passions and see life giving blood to pour avalanches of compassion on yourself to be who you need to be in each moment to create the next moment. Know you are the creator of yourself and give yourself a ton of love, compassion, and room for growing from one state, life, circumstance, or condition to the more ideal one you’d prefer! Just know you sitting there can do this. There is no special blood you need or tons of training. You already are master at creating your life. Now just become conscious of doing it. Choose a more ideal life for you in the coming year of 2010 and decide you will be what and who you want to be!

Gary Nordgren

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Follow The Leader

Who in your life is a leader? Who do you follow? Today we are inundated with information. Are you selecting what information is coming in to and registering in your brain consciously or by habit? Do you watch or read the news regularly? Ask yourself if it is helping to you accomplish the desires of your heart? Are you taking what you watch or read and revising it to be the ideal? If your not then you are following the conditions and circumstance most likely of what you focus on. That is your leader. Are they going where you want?

Do you feel that the Law is idle while you listen to news or read it? If you do it to relax or to just be current without revising what is coming in at that moment your being lead through their views.

What causes your life?

News and many blogs are written by people who think they and you are at the mercy of conditions and causes outside of themselves. Telling them that Imagining Creates their reality they would scoff, laugh, and ridicule you to no end.

"Imagining Creates Reality? Your delusional!"

There is a story of a fox that tried to reach some grapes even though with all his jumping to get the grapes he couldn't reach them. After many tries he rationalized that they were sour anyway so it was good he didn't get them.

Now the fox could imagine all she wanted and still not become any taller. Right? Of course that usually isn't the nature of nature is it? Yes, nod your head. People assume that if imagining lead to createing reality they would know about it. They take an a view opposite it just like the fox who never tasted the grapes made up that the grapes were sour.

Now with using the law by imagining creates reality - you have infinite possibilities to assemble your desires in and for your life. More than you could ever fathom. If you look around your life and see the physical manifestations that are all around you from your car to your house to your gloves you had a desire to have them and felt, saw, or heard them as part of your world or reality. Now you might have wanted a bigger house or a more compatible spouse and yet you imagined them to be part of your life in some way.

What you received was conditioned by your beliefs about what you deserve, what you think is possible and what is your reality for you. So that bigger house may have been about "what you could afford" instead of the universal law delivering to you the bigger house with that extra bed room.

The most difficult thing is to think, believe, and imagine living outside your current reality without practicing the desire consciously. With practice it gets easier and easier. Many people start reading Neville and get very excited to read about the possibilities that could be for them. They forget to start there own story of imagining creates reality. They want to dare to believe it but scared to try it. You really have to let go of your conditioning and give imagining creates reality as an possibility to actual take imagining events into your physical world. And that requires you becoming a leader of your life.

I was in a group that meet every month for about 12 months and the people were wonderful in this group. I have to say I enjoyed this group more than any other I had attended up to then. As we discussed the popular buzz name for the Law which is the "Law of Attraction" I found that many of the people were enjoying the great energy in the group and many didn't apply this Law to their lives except in a minimal way. Including me.

After about 1 year of meetings I realized that I was enjoying the group even though I was not really applying much of the Law to my life in the way I coulda, shoulda or woulda. Now I can do metaphysical guilt like the best of them. Do you love that idea that you know you coulda, shoulda or woulda be in a different place because we have intellectual knowledge. I laugh now at that notion if I have not emotionalized it. I know I won't have it unless I use my one of senses first or more senses before any physical manifestation it never comes that I have it already.

When you expect something instantly -"Where is it already?" or keep looking for it - its like praying from a place of deep want or yearning. What your focused on is not being there as your reality.

I started looking at many peoples lives who were reading Neville or Universal Laws principles and they weren't really getting the results they wanted. Now I knew that I wasn't to the degree I desired either. In 2005 I really started taking on the idea that applying it was what was needed more than just reading it to feel good. And where do we apply it? In our life and experiences.

My computer business at that time I felt passionless for and I had reached my goal 0f keeping the business alive over 6 years. I loved the people and just got tired of not feeling like what I did mattered long term. I fixed and sold computers. "BIG DEAL!" I thought.

I stop enjoying doing that because it wasn't really what I loved to do. I did many months of soul searching and realized that I need to help people full time to do my mission which was to Help people"Get" that they are more than they believed (including me).

I had been on this journey forever towards finding solutions because I coached many people along the way. I then opened a part time coaching business and started coaching professional. I loved it! It was something that feed my soul totally. I was still struggling with my computer business along with some personal relationship issues and couldn't find a business model that worked well for coaching. I attended a coaching club once a month and the people who were leading that group were full time well paid coaches. The last meeting I attended one of the coaches and I was talking. She told me your really not really focused on being a coach, your more of an entrepreneur. I stop going after that because I took her criticism pretty hard. I stopped pursuing the coaching business I was doing and went and got a job. I really didn't realize she lead me to a conclusion I hadn't nor should I have accepted your reality as greater than mine. I didn't realize that truly I was on the leading edge of what coaches are working on four years later.

Have you ever done that? Let someones opinion run or ruin your life? Their comment destroy your momentum or even your confidence in what you were doing? Who was leading who then? I know this woman I saw as one of the leaders of the group but not really the leader of my current reality. I let her idea destroy my momentum. I went and got a job for 15 months and coached a lot less professionally than I did before just because some person shared her opinion and I bought it hook, line, and stinker!

Every time you chase your desire with one of your senses - your feelings, hearing it, and seeing it before it has happened you step out and lead. You lead you to the belief that Imagining does Create Reality! You step up with what all powerful successful people use - FAITH!

When your family, friends, coworkers look at you and think your "nuts" when you might have mention using intention to create what you desire - you are leading from a place called FAITH!

Faith in your ability to create reality as you desire it! Sure it takes time to condition yourself to believe you do actually create your own reality AND it is worth it as you experiment with your experiences! Try it, you'll like it.

See naysayers are naysayers because they are comfortable to a point of living in their protective reality that others, the world, the government, the friends, the family, the co-workers, the bosses, their dogs, their cats, their cars, the economy all have a say in what they experience.

When you look at what you think is first cause of your life will determine your life.

What is first cause? (See Mastering Neville's Advanced Realization Workshop for more info)

First cause is where you believe the causes in your life come from. What do you believe causes your life to happen in the way that it does. If you believe that the cause of your life lies outside of you then you would be following that cause as your leader. So if a employer changes the retirement plan and you buy into that with your energy then you purchased the state of way of being helpless to that business or another business or government regulation as your leader. Ouch!

In a way where you put your attention towards as the cause of your life is leading you. Why I say in a way is because the power lies within your choice to what gains and captures your attention. Your ability to focus on having your desire already is one of the skills you might want to develop as the leader of you.

When you go cross currents of what people believe you actually step out to be a leader of first yourself and second other who notice what your doing. So even though you are being lead you ultimately decide and choose what captures your interest, attention and what you invest into emotionally. You have the the choice to react or respond to your external world's conditions.

"Blake tells us, “Eternity exists and all things in eternity independent of creation which was an act of mercy. By this you will see that I do not consider either the just or the wicked to be in a supreme state, but to be everyone of them states of the sleep which the soul may fall into in its deadly dreams of good and evil when it leaves paradise following the serpent.”

Now, Blake uses the word “mercy” only as one who sees that states are eternal; that in God’s mercy he created all things, not just a few, so that any situation which can be conceived, already exists in eternity. When Blake said, “Eternity exists and all things in eternity independent of creation which was an act of mercy,” he meant that everything you see is dead, a part of the eternal structure of the universe. You are its operant power. When you enter a scene it becomes animated. Then you become lost in your own animation and think it is independent of your perception. Looking at it, you cannot believe you are causing the animation, but you are.

You and I are living souls, buried in a world of death. We are destined to be life-giving spirits through an act of mercy, but until that time we animate what we perceive. Questioning self, Blake asks: “O miserable man that I am, who will deliver me from this body of death?” May I tell you, no earthly power can do it, only God. "

Lecture # 60 – Neville 09/09/1968
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When you first discover this magically ability you can't stop imagining your next reality as what you desire until you have doubt enter in.

When you doubt that the result you want is actually seeing what your desire is - is lacking - in your life. You have yearning, a empty feeling about this thing you desire to manifest into your physical reality. Unless you come from the place or state that you have it already - you know - received it already; as your own then you can have as much as you can imagine and believe you can have. You can doubt your doubts if you like.

In coaching my clients to create incomes without putting having to physically be there; they have to trust that it is possible. They may not know exactly how yet and they have to step out and have faith.

Faith is simpler than you think. Just think of going to visiting a friend, relative, or a place for a vacation out of the state you live.

What is the process?

You believe you can get there by jet, plane, helicopter, car, bus, train, or transporter. You don't start whining that your not there already so you'll never be. You don't say that destination I don't deserve. That destination is only for the special ones. No you feel free to go there because of your desire alone.

Okay so what is the next step?
Planning, packing, preparing your boss with a slip for time off, and getting someone to mind the store while your away.

You assume that it is possible to make it happen now. You don't say because I haven't been to Alaska that I can never go to California do you? No. You just assume you will make the trip - and you start looking forward to being there physically. Anyone who has driven hundreds of miles they have one place on their mind - the destination. Its almost like they are there already in their mind and the trip is all but done while they are driving. What is your experience?

Okay after you desire and then assume you can have your desire what is the next step? Isn't it accepting you are there. So will have new sights, new smell, new, experiences from when you came from. So you create a new experience in your head about it being different than where you were. That is the manifested reality you accept as yours. Its natural.

Now what? That is it. You have a desire, assume you are there, and then walk as if you are there and the scenery around you will change as if by magic. You are magically then.

Your ability to take your desire and imagine being there and accept you have it, Ta da! The simple formula that will take a life time to master - expect when it doesn't because you now call it easy.

So when you watch the news, read a book, listen to gossip, watch a TV show ask yourself what is this leading me to? What or who is the cause of the story?

Lead yourself to the fulfillment of your desires! You can do it! Because you are the operant power that chooses to be a leader of your reality who leads by imagining the reality that they desire.

Who will lead you today? You?

You are a leader just by imagining something different than your comfort zone. Lead yourself where you want to go! Go for your dreams now!

Imagine well!

Gary Nordgren

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Shooting Stars and Causes

I sat there in the forest looking up at the stars through the rental car sun roof. I was just looking at the stars which I haven't done much in 2009 until this particular day.

As I sat and looked to what many call the heavens I saw a shooting star blaze out in all its glory. It was the biggest blaze I had ever seen go across the sky for a shooting star. It seemed to be closer to me than any other star I had seen before. So I got more curious to look further into the immensity of the heavenly stars and look for more stellar phenomenons.

Now thinking I would bring to light what a shooting star was exactly I Googled it. I found that it wasn't a star at all. Ahhhh shucks! I thought I was seeing this grand event instead of what it really is.

From NASA's website this is what they say it is.
"A "falling star" or a "shooting star" has nothing at all to do with a star! These amazing streaks of light you can sometimes see in the night sky are caused by tiny bits of dust and rock called meteoroids falling into the Earth's atmosphere and burning up. The short-lived trail of light the burning meteoroid produces is called a meteor. Meteors are commonly called falling stars or shooting stars. If any part of the meteoroid survives burning up and actually hits the Earth, that remaining bit is then called a meteorite."

Now I am armed with the facts of the truth. I am not sure about you but looking for shooting stars sounds and feels way different than looking for bits of dust and rock hitting the earths atmosphere. Same effect but the idea feels different.

Sometimes facing reality with facts is unpleasant and spoils what we have come to believe and think we know. I had heard that when we see the stars shooting through the sky that the life of a million or maybe a billion year old sun was burning its self out. To be witness to a shooting star before was romantic almost to me. Sharing that moment with a shooting stars last moment of time - seemed to me an almost life giving event and made me feel good. Like the star had shone for its glories 10 billion years and it and I saw the end of it's life.

Now what? Do I think of the last definition from NASA should be mine? And let them define that block of space in my head? Do I rent that space out to them with the facts of what they have stellarly gather over those 40 plus years from their looking at the heavens experience?

Then I saw a wonderful show on called The Universe. It tells how almost all stars actually live even longer and last much longer than even the ten billion years even though they do just change how they shine. Sometimes they die but not often. Now the birth of a star and how it has a constant struggle with gravity I found fascinating and empowering. I don't know how long it will be up but a very interesting show to watch about the birth of the stars and their deaths.

Now I can smile when I see the bits of dust show the sky with light because I now know a bit more of how most stars live a very long long time even after they burn the brightest. Some how that gives me even more pleasure than my previous ideas about stars.

Now when you learn that your imagination is ALL in your world do you find that to be a fact your comfortable with? Do you realize all you think, feel, do, breathe into, have, and that is - is absolutely and squarely within your imagination?

Take a deep breathe for a moment. Ahhh haaa. Breathe...

Can you think of a rose now and not see it in your minds eye and you are the cause that imagined it? You are constantly imagining what car you are driving. As you are in your car you are imagining what you are doing first in your reality. You are constantly registering everything first and foremost in your imagination before it gets to the physical world. In fact it is so quick that sometimes we don't realize there is something in between functioning as the staging ground - if you will - for everything you say, do, feel, think and believe.

Imagination hears the facts from experts and believes and then creates the facts in your physical environment. Imagination through your eyes perceive the way that you do. Imagination sees what your world is as you believe it to be. What a great joy to know that. You are the source of what you see, feel, believe, hear, and know. You. No one else can do these things for you!

How powerful is that? How much freedom do you have to choose your next step no matter what has gone before. Many people rely on their past memory for their confidence or there permission to take the next leap. Forget the past as a part that determines or defines your next moment or future. You are making your life up right now this moment.

What might you say - What are you talking about Gary?

See there has been hundreds of thousands of words that have been spoken to you over your life time. You didn't believe every one did you? Were you a product of every word or only the words you believed and agreed with? You were shaped emotionally by what you thought fit who you believed you were at the time you heard the words. As you changed and learned more about life you stopped believing in things that no longer seemed true to you.

I remember at 12 years old my brother, Brent, 17 years old, came into my room and woke me up. He convinced me in my foggy state that it was Christmas in June and that Santa Clause had brought us all presents. Okay I was gullible - though to defend myself at first I started out resisting his "truth of Christmas in June." I have no idea why I decided to believe him. Maybe no one ever told me lies ( at least that I know of) and I had a tendency to to believe people. Especially my older brother.

Then he had a great joke when I went into the living room and found absolutely no one there. And for a few seconds I suspended my belief enough to believe in a Christmas in June.

Even though there was no Christmas I can use this example to teach you that what you believe is not based on facts. In fact (yes, it's a punny pun-pun) it is based on an emotional desire for pleasure. We tend to justify with our facts but the truth of it is that we usually decide emotionally about what to believe about a person, a religion, a beer, a soda, a diet, a car, a image, a business, and anything that we feel strongly about.

"I tell you, if you want someone to change, you must change your imaginal activity, for it is the one and only cause of your life. And you can believe anything in if you will not accept the facts your senses dictate; for nothing is impossible to imagine, and imagining - persisted in and believed - will create its own reality. Now, all things exist in God, and he exists in you and you exist in him. Your eternal body is the human imagination, and that is God Himself. Your imagination is an actual body in which everything is contained."
BELIEVE IT IN Lecture #132 – Neville 10/06/1969
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So not accepting the facts of your senses whether it be shooting stars or the solid furniture in your home. On the quantum level imagining creates the only reality. Your beliefs create the reality you are living in physical life right now. Matter can only be matter as you have had a mental equivalent in mind, heart or head and it sunk into the feeling and vibration you surrounded yourself with inside - then it becomes matter or physical reality. As you make impressions upon the subconscious/spirit/unconscious/divine mind you create new facts. As you allow the reality to take hold within you then you'll find yourself believing more and more in the invisible. Allow patience and space for your creation to be allowed and flourished!

From what was unseen becomes seen! From was the invisible then becomes visible.

So whether it be a belief in what shooting stars are or what they really are - you are much more than you ever dreamed of. NO you are not your body. Your deeper inside. Go look through your physical eyes and look in the mirror to see that deeper intelligence shining brightly out of your mask called a face.

There is a power inside of you that can't be squelched by the dictators of your life. It can't be put out with a bucket of criticism! It can't be taken away ever. You own your power and that power lies within you called imagination. When you use it to let go of what your eyes perceive on the outside - you suspend your self enough to open up all the possibilities inside of you again.

Possibilities that your desires are the I AM desires for you to have, hold, enjoy and move on from as you enter the next state you desire instead.

The more I understand what works in NLP. (Google it) I find that Neville had been teaching it for years and years about going into states. States that are your ideal. States that aren't vulnerable from other peoples opinions of you. States of wealth. States of whatever you desire.

See - you are this creator - or selector of reality. Where ever you look inside you find. Whatever you embrace as yours comes to you like a two ten ton magnets inches a part.

Everything that comes into your life you have called in to it... Pretty powerful aren't you? Don't dismiss it - you really know its true deep down.

A long time ago I took a class called "Connected Breathe" where all you really do is breathe deeply and often. You allowed yourself to have insights into whatever came up for you. The first time I got nothing from it but clear lungs and slight buzz. The second or third time I got the realization that I was pulling all the strings in my life and it was a joke. A joke because I didn't know I was creating "my drama." I didn't know that I was bringing whatever I desired into my world. The joke was that I thought I had NO POWER when I had all the power to create my life exact as I purposefully choose or choose by default.

I started to realize then that I was the master behind the curtain pulling my own strings and I didn't even know it.

If you absolutely knew you had all the power in your life to be anyone you wanted to be, to have anything you wanted to have, to exist exactly like you desire to - would that stop you from complaining, blaming, or politically arranging your life to be safe, comfortable, and in a box?

What if you were the source, the cause, of your life? What if you could right now stop whatever your doing that makes you unhappy and move fast or slowly towards making your life the ultimate fantasy for YOU?

What would your life be like if you let go of fear?

What would happen if you moved towards your dreams - nope not tomorrow - right now. Stop makes excuses - As Wayne Dyer might say "Excuses BE GONE!"

Right now you and I have the power to wake up to the reality we create in our lives through our thoughts, feelings, beliefs and assumptions. If we know that then what can we do to get what we want full out?

How much fun would you have at work if you were exactly who you really are?

Today I want you to think about that you are the cause of your life. Every part of your life.

Now what do you want to make your life? Passionate and fulfilled? Or living in survival state only? Your choice!

I know which one I am using my power in choosing. How about you?

If it's to be, it's up to me!

Great Mantra to use! Maybe you could repeat this saying 200 times a day until you realize you are the operant power in your life! That's right you!

Happy, Healthy, And Prosperous Imagining!

Gary Nordgren

Thursday, August 27, 2009

1 Minute

Hi Friends,

recently my car was involved in an accident at the post office. (see picture below for picture of Post Office Meets Car - Not My car ) Now I might say accident but I also had bridges of incident take me there, keep me physically safe, and give me what I desired. Several weeks ago I looked at my car which had a couple of scraps on my bumper and decided it would be great to have those fixed. That is all I said to myself and I allowed me to feel it was done.

Then I totally forgot about it until it happened. I thought it was interesting to be involved. At first I heard a huge crash with glass and the building shook. We looked out the entrance and exit I had come in and planned on going out and where there now was a car lodged in the door way.

There was an eye witness and saw the whole thing from the roof. Now why he was on the roof on his cell phone of the post office I couldn't tell you. He was the one who told me she hit my car with her front end after she fainted while she was backing out of the post office parking stall. She also seemed to be not physically hurt. Shook up, yes, but really hurt it didn't look like it. Now one of my on going phrases that I say often is I intend safety for car, and myself and those in and around my car. It looked like she didn't get really hurt despite running into a building backward and neither did her passenger. Both shook up but didn't see any blood and they both walked away from the crash.

As I took in the sight I realized that timing was everything as in my safety. I was 30 seconds to 1 minute from walking out the door where the car now was. If I would have got to the post office early by 1 minute I would have walked out into an accident and who knows what that would have caused. At first my mind was very grateful and felt lucky that I was not involved in the crash physically. By imagining what "could have happened" made me feel vulnerable. I didn't realize I had done it until after the ER visit. A few days day I ended up in the hospital with some thing that the doctors couldn't find an answer too. I went because it was described by the web advice as appendicitis. Had all the symptoms but on the left side instead of the right side. I slept mostly for the next 60 hours over that weekend after this visit with this mysterious thing I didn't imagine specifically.

As I thought back to what I created in the first place my car being fixed which is where it is now at the shop getting fixed by another insurance. The person fainted who smacked my car with her front end but I still was able to drive my car after it - which is what I would want. The damage was like over $1200. I got what I imagined each time in these scenario. One was a new bumper, one was vulnerability - feeling I couldn't control my life and yet I started the chain of events. Or another way to put it is anything can happen to you idea. Each imagining came about and was fulfilled.

Now did I want to be in the hospital? No. Did I want someone to hit my car. No again. But the Universe picks the easiest way to deliver to you what you feel. My first feeling about getting the car fixed was not really strong but a desire went out and got delivered about a month later. Now when I felt vulnerable I felt it with gusto. With adrenaline and conviction going through my body. One I played the creator. One I played the supposed victim of the story.

Each brings to it its own fulfilment.

"I say imagination creates reality, and if this premise is true then imagination fulfills itself in what your life becomes. Although I have changed the words, what I am saying is not new. Scripture says it in this manner: "Whatsoever you desire, believe you have received it and you will." This statement goes back two thousand years, yet even before that Jeremiah tells of the same principle in his story of the potter and his clay.

But until imagination becomes a part of your normal, natural currency of thought, you will not act consciously. Like breathing, this awareness must become so much a part of you that you will not turn to the left or the right to praise or blame anyone. When you know this presence it will not matter if you started life behind the eight-ball, or in a palace; as a poor, or a rich child; you will realize that life is always externalizing what you are imagining.

Lacking the knowledge of this principle, you can reproduce your environment - be it pleasant or unpleasant - forever and ever, as you feed your imagination on what your senses dictate. But knowing this principle, you can ignore the present, and untethered by the so-called facts of life, you can imagine the present as you desire it to be and feed upon your desire, rather than its omission." Neville Lecture 72 IMAGINATION FULFILLS ITS SELF

Each I created a feeling in my body of Living in the End. One was faster than the other based on the emotional feeling of one being strong and one being a done deal. The emotional component speed up the the creation. From Neville Lecture 405 -Live In the End ( can get here )

"Now, can you believe that you are now the man that you would like to be, though at the moment of your assumption, reason denies it? And your senses deny it? Can you really conceive a scene – a scene, which if true, would imply the fulfillment of your dream? Just imagine it. Certainly you can imagine it, but the problem is: will you believe it? Will you believe in the reality of the thing imagined?

If I could this very moment imagine myself into a state – any state at all – and dwell in it, well now, what is “dwelling in it”? Well, I’m dwelling in it. Well, that’s Christ! And that is the resurrecting power of the universe. So, if I remain in a state, I will resurrect it and objectify it in my world. But I have to select it and enter the state. If the spectator could enter into any of these states in his imagination, approaching the state on the fiery chariot of his contemplative thought – what would it be like if it were true? How would I feel if I were now the man that I would like to be? How would I know that I could become it?

Well, first, as I assume that I am it, let me think of my friends – those who really would rejoice with me were it true. Let me imagine that I am seeing them in my mind’s eye. How do they see me? If what I am assuming is true, they should see me as I am seeing myself, and if they are friends, they should rejoice with me. So, let me now assume that I am seeing reflected on the face of a friend that which, if I saw it, would imply he sees in me that which I have assumed that I am. Will that work? Try it! I tell you, from my own personal experience, it works."

I LOVE how Neville Goddard tells us to test it for ourselves. When I first started learning the law I created with blind faith many things very quickly. When one thing didn't pan out to what I thought was my true feeling I started doubting the Law and if it works every time. Later I found it was exactly as I had intended perfectly. It was exactly what I stated. As I have journeyed over ten years into the using and experimenting with the law I find myself creating what I would call miracles all the time in my life and others with now an expectation I never had before. They are now normal and an every day occurrence.

What I LOVE is YOU can test this all the time and experiment and play with your reality and prove it to yourself. My big test is when I imagined something for a friend in an exact way. And it came in the exact way! I realized the start of creating my own life as me being the creator of my life.

Have you gotten to that point? Have you decided you actually do create your reality? You can create your own life the way you want it - do you believe that?

Today open your eyes and create one thing you can believe. Test the law your self. Tell us of your results! Please comment on your own test of creating your own reality though your imagining here if you would share with us. Don't feel obligated to though it would be great if you did share with the us who read this blog. Thanks!

1 minute made the difference between me involved in a crash physically or not. The universe has perfect timing if we listen to the voice inside of us called intuition. 1 minute makes all the difference to your life - take one minute to create a new reality about one thing you'd like in your life and then remember you did it!


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Power of Your Smile

Have you thought about the power of your intentional smile?

What if you timed yourself and smiled for 5 minutes straight? How would that change your vibration? Your mood? Your desire to feel good? Would you have a different outlook about your day?

Do you take a time each day to feel that you have what you desire though it isn't yet in your life? Do you get in the mood to feel good each day and feel you have what you desire already. How would that change your feeling towards your life?

From Neville Goddard's lecture Catch The Mood #445

"What’s wrong with asking for anything in this world for another that you would ask for yourself? Is there anything wrong in being secure? Nothing. Anything wrong in being clean and wholesome and decent? Anything wrong in being one who contributes to the world’s good? What’s wrong with that? Is there anything wrong in being happily married, proud of the girl who bears your name, or she proud of the man whose name she bears? What is wrong with that?

Forget that. The whole vast world is a field to reap. You don’t pick out this woman or that woman. Pick out the state. I want to be blissfully happy, and if I were, how would I see the world? And how would the world see me? Well, shut out the world and go within and appropriate that state. And from within, you let your friends see you, as they would have to see you if what now you are assuming that you are is really true."

and more

"So, will you actually give it the tones of reality? Will you actually, first of all, believe that the God that you now worship as something without, actually exists within you as your own wonderful human imagination? If you will believe that, and not think me blasphemous for telling it and think me something accursed for having spoken it – but may I tell you, I hope for your sake you will believe it. But really, in my heart of hearts, whether you believe it or not, I am not concerned, because the day will come you will have to believe it, because you will experience it. If only I can aid you to hasten the day – that’s why I am here. But to actually say I am going to hit you over the head and make you believe it – no. I am not indifferent to your believing it; I can only appeal to you to believe it for your own good, that you may take whatever you have and transcend it by the use of this Law.

Whatever you have in this world, may I tell you, no one is really satisfied! I dined well today, but tomorrow I am going to be hungry. And hunger is forever with man, and God is the ultimate satisfaction of hunger, but that has not yet come upon the majority."

See for more of this wonderful lecture.

So what mood do you want to catch? What mood do you now want to occupy? Do you watch or listen to the news and accept it as real and the facts of reality or do you turn them around by changing what you heard? Do you catch the mood of the solution of the past facts and accept them as real?

If you knew, absolutely knew you could change this worlds by your imaginal acts what would you do? What mood would you tend to be in? One of victim hood or an awakened victor rising to catch the mood you desire?

Would you smile from ear to ear because you now know that you are the only being that can control what you put into your consciousness and what you can imagine for yourself?

You are the operant power of this thing called consciousness. So whether you are putting prosperity or imprisonment of conditions you believe are all powerful you and you alone control your reality.

What mood do you want to catch today?

Today I will affirm the happy mood, the joyous mood, the productive mood, the prosperous mood, the beautiful mood of being in love! Today I will smile!

What mood will you enter into today? Will you change your mood with a 5 minute smile today?


Thursday, August 20, 2009

New Blog Site

Hi Friends,

As I looked at the title of this blog I decided to change it and call it NevilleGoddardNow. To sign up go here. Please forgive an inconvenience for those who have signed up at this blog.

GO here for more blogs!

Thanks for being here!

Gary Nordgren

The Art of Dying

Hi Friends,

What is the art of dying? many people want to know the art of living first. I believe learning the art of dying will led you to living in a better more clean way. Able to forgive and forget the past. In the bible there is a narrative about a man named Lot and his wife. It was about Lot believing there was one righteous person in the city and God saying there wasn't. Now if you take it that these names or characters are not real people and just states as Neville Goddard has taught you then you get a different understanding of this story.

Now when Lot looked back on the city after God told them not to and she turns to salt we get a narrative that teaches us that when you leave a place or state and continue visit it whether in your imagination or your vision that you preserve that state with salt. Salt is a preservative. When Lot's wife looks back she preserves the state she just left and reanimates it within her. She preserves it. So it is a little like being lukewarm going into a state. You say "Well maybe I want this and then but maybe I really want that. Neville's brilliant lectures gives us these concepts to ponder.

"Take this simple one in Paul's letters to the Corinthians: “I die daily,” or Blake’s statement in his letter to Crab Robinson: “Death is the best thing in life. There is nothing in life like death, but people take such a long time in dying. At least, their neighbors never see them rise from the grave.” If you understood Blake you would not think of death as the world thinks of death, but you would see that no one can grow without out­growing. But man is not willing to outgrow, [and] yet he wants other things than those he has. But if you remain in one state, you will forever have to suffer the consequences of not being in another state. (From the “Hermetica”)
If I remain in the state of poverty, I must suffer the consequences of not being in the state of wealth. So I must learn the art of dying. Paul says: “I die daily.” Blake says: “People take such a long time in dying.” Man does not outgrow his state of ill health or his old job or his environment. We must learn the art of dying, and this week is the great death and we are told that God dies that man may live."

So to really go towards the reality you desire you must let go of your past state, past girlfriend, past spouse, past lover, past house, past life, past associations, past history of yourself, past stories of yourself, past narratives about yourself. Just let it all go now.

You must let the dead bury the dead which means to me that you put it in the grave once. You and I don't go back and resurrect the state again and again because its comfortable. And walk out of the state never to return unless it is desirable to do so. And we have a tendency to do that don't we? Now if you buried a loved one you don't go back and dig them up and try to resurrect their body and maybe even try to animate it again so they can live again do you? We resurrect them in our memories - the good the bad, and the ugly. We can remember them anyway you choose.

I have been studying memories of people and myself over the last few years because our memories are so powerful to our lives. How we experience them makes you more alive or more dead inside. If you remember good things from the past you are more hopeful, more faith filled, and looking forward towards more life. If you remember bad things from your past you are less hope filled, less excited to live, and have less energy to live.

Interesting. Is that in ten minutes after I get to the core of a belief with a coaching client I can re-frame what something means to a client and their world changes readily. So if you believe you can't do something and I point out you are already doing it in other areas of your life or even show you how much you control your outcomes by how you think - then I can change the way you look at your memory. Once how you look at that memory and then it can mean or represent something different to you. Once real changes occur of the past you rarely if ever revisit it with any belief that stops you any longer. Isn't that cool? Nod your head and say "Yes, that's cool, Gary.

Playing with your memories is fun because they are so plastic. Brain research shows that every time you visit a memory you change it. If you are in a bad mood and you remember fondly a loved one who smiled at you or said something nice to you - you can enhance the memory or you can make the memory different than it was based on what you say, feel, or see in that mood.

As an example. I was drinking my normal protein drink from Bolthouse Mocha something when I visited my mom's house and my mom saw it. She, I guess read the label and chided me on it having coffee in it. Which I didn't know or really cared to remember. She doesn't believe that anyone should drink coffee because of the caffeine in it and her religious beliefs. Now when I tasted it almost right after I realized it tasted different - that her opinion affected how I tasted the drink with the new information that I didn't realize. Just her opinion. Now normal I wouldn't care or even notice much about it. But after she said that I literally liked it at least 35-40% less than what it previously was for me before she spoke.

That was in less than 1 minute that I had a decrease of liking 35-40% of this drink. My memory of the taste without even trying changed my taste for it was changed with her comment. Now consciously make an effort to increase my liking for it which I have since then. Now later I programmed me again to like it based on choice.

This reminds of Tony Robbins recording on Quantity Qualifiers. We can do an internal rearranging of taking things ( or thoughts of things) in our life and making them better just by imagining them to be different. He asked his friends and their children to try out this idea he had and proved that you can increase any experience of something by just thinking thoughts of it differently - or imaginally. You could take something you dislike and make it a +5 or something you love and make it a -4 just by what you imagined about it. Or make something you like a +10. It really is your world in how you see, feel, and hear it. Tony would ask the question how would you make this a +10 experience for you or a -5 experience for you.

Then they would tell him something they would have to believe as true or think is true. One person who had a +7 experience with a canned soda pop drink asked how he could make it a +10 and if I remember right he said he would have to believe it is the last one. The he grabbed it out of Tony's hand to drink it. All he need was the thought to make it so desirable. Have you ever done that?

So what do I want you to get is this. You control your world with what you think. With what you believe. With what you feel. So if you think on the past as bad or that you had a rotten childhood because of ____________. You are dead just not yet buried. It it is no problem if you or I are there in the past because we can learn now that we can think, feel. see it differently and die to what you once and I were or what we had. You and I have the right to resurrect a new state that we want to enter into easily. Just let go of the state you outgrew to enter into the state, scene, or narrative you truly desire.

Another part of Neville's Lecture you might really like is he speaks about the power you and I have. "We say that the Imagination of God and man are one, no matter how far it goes. Universes are created and sustained by "the same power that sustains our environment.” We say the power is the same, but we recognize a vast difference between the power that sustains the universe and that which sustains an environment. The difference is only is in the degree of intensity of the center of imagining. So, if we increase the intensity [in] the center of imagining, we will create greater and greater things. So I see my dream, and I must learn to die to what I AM in order to live to what I want to be."

So revise the memories of it. Play out the past with purposeful perfection. Just give yourself in that timeline all of the right resources right before the incident or thing you desire to revise. Now take back your power. Now!

Then let it go and forgive the past feelings of energy to embrace your next evolving life and state you desire to live in. You can preserve the past by looking back and look like Lot's wife a pillar of salt or you can move into the state your ready to live in now.

Want to die to the past? Let it go. Let the past selves die to the new you - the you that you desire to walk with and you imagine are. Just do it! When your past selves come calling! Tell them to go to h__l or any appropriate thought or mantra whenever the past selves might rear the temptation to look back at who you once were!

Its normal for your neurons in your head to want to keep firing their past wiring down the same pathways AND you know who you are! Whichever gets the most attention in your brain wins! And you choose which path your brain gets to take from now on. You can do it! Say I remember when I was that person who I didn't want to be any longer and NOW I let the dead bury the dead and I have a new life with all that I desire!

No matter what the circumstances or position or conditions you are the molder of the energy inside of you. You can change the state your in in less than 10 seconds. Start laughing for no reason no matter where you are and see how many people want to join you.

Start a laugh for no reason 3 minutes at work and see how you can really make the day be more fun and more productive. (see ) Now do that every hour for three minutes and see how really productive your employees become!

Life is for moving forward and taking it by the proverbial horns and riding it like crazy! Your life is not meant to be small if your reading these words!

Live BIG! Be who you know you are!

Dream Big! Look to your most optimistic future now! There really is never a better time to be alive!

Believe in You!

Gary Nordgren

Friday, August 14, 2009

Why A New Neville Blog?

As I was thinking of what blog name I had used for the other blog I decided it need to be different and not a copy of the Indoma's and my yahoo group's name of Applying Neville. I think that name is a fantastic name and the group is amazing. I wanted this blog to be a place where all are welcome to discover more about Neville's principles without that same name for this blog. And I want more people to find it when they are looking for Neville on their web searches. Now obviously if it is inactive it won't be found. I really want this to be an interactive blog where you can comment, tells us what you do to change the results you are getting and even not getting. Confirm the things I am writing about as the co-author of this blog with you the other co-author of this blog. This really is for you and I to come talk of our experiences of practical application of Neville's principles today. If you have topic you want to address or want me to address let me know.

This will be a good start to begin again here! Sorry about the switch-o-roo for those who previously registered. I think this will be a much better blog with the name change and the new direction we'll be taking it together.


Gary Nordgren

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Is your life bleeding away?

Hi Folks,

We get caught up so much into our lives we forget we only have so many minutes before our earthly pass expires on earth. Earth is as Neville Goddard said "Is a school for your imagination." Now if we operated like that each day how would our life really change?

What if it wasn't about getting the partner, the money, the job, the business, the lessons learned and it really was about using your imagination consciously? It was more about having love and faith to create a new reality that is hidden in only your invisible world inside of you?

It does take love and faith to create a new reality on the outside when appearances speak so loudly when you observe things you don't want or desire.

The other day I asked one of my relatives how she was and her reply was "surviving". Now that is a state she is describing but it is also what she claims as hers at that moment. Now I make no judgment whatever state she is in. I really hope every eye reaching this page and reading this words never use these words if you know that those words create your reality.

If you use "surviving" change it to "good". If it is "good" change it to "great!" If it is fine change it to excellent! Words coming from your mouth have a narrative power that creates that reality. Try it. Experiment with different words. Try these words out when someone asks you how you are doing? Perfect. Couldn't Get any Better. Wonderful! Excellent! Fantastic and getting better! Adventurous! Excited! Loved! Amazing! Terrific! Or anything else that you like. Just saying them creates an energy within you - a state. Try it out loud.

Each day you have a narrative in your head about what things mean. Whether you really take things as good or bad is up to that narrative. Now if you realize that you are in control of that narrative morning, noon, and night how would you change it so your life is more amazing than it is now?

What narrative or story do you want to stop, give up, and let go or been excited to try?

It was interesting talking to some of my family members recently as we visited. I had a certain family member describe a person in their immediately family as a description. I had heard this person do that almost every time they talked of this person. The narrated who they were to themselves and what they were capable of.

Have you ever done that? I know I have of myself when I get in a new relationship I had to tell this person who I was by my description. I was almost afraid if I didn't describe myself in the way I did she wouldn't get who I was. Have you ever done that? I do it other times with unfamiliar new people in my life too. Just not to the degree I did the narrative about me to a potential girlfriend. Makes me go hmmm.

Most people never entertain anything beyond their senses even people who claim to be religious or have a certain faith. They are so rooted in the idea of sickness or death they don't even realize that they have an option called faith. Their faith extends sometimes just barely past the visible. Many people have liked the pragmatic approach. Don't go out of your comfort zone! Don't actually believe you can heal yourself or another. Don't believe anything past your five senses - you might offend the Almighty. Be realistic! Get real! Face reality!

Your challenge for the day is to have faith and love something that isn't seen today. To believe it in to existence. A great Neville lecture about "believing it in" is

So don't go for what is already real go for what you desire to be real. Make it real by your inside narrative and let your self thrive in its end game of having it already! pretend if you have to.

Your passions and excitement lies in selecting a new reality outside your past expectations and desires. Creating a reality you desire today starts with the idea of it. Then the narrative. Then the love of it. Then the faith it will come into fruition! Believe it in!

What are your thoughts?

Is this something you can practice?

What is your story?

What is your new narrative you might want to try out here?

Make your life one that you create and don't let it bleed away on something you don't desire. Your life blood is practicing using your imagination today. Not tomorrow. Today. Start now.


Friday, July 31, 2009

Experimenting With Neville

Hi Friends,

Today is Friday. The last day of the month. Let me ask you something? Are you ready? Are you ready for this next month? I don't mean financially or materially. I mean spiritually. Have you committed to make this month better than your last by using Neville's words and applying them?

Are you using any system for yourself or others to experiment in selecting a reality you desire and bring it forth? If you don't have a system or an easy way to continue your studies I suggest the Mastering Neville's Workshops I created at Law of Attraction University under powerful workshops tab. Also Look for Indoma (Dr, Neeta Blair) Workshops In Imagination and Body Resizing. Also I suggest Indoma Workshops in the Dare to Assume Subscription that has also 71 Neville Goddard's Lectures at

So are you taking Neville's words and applying them into your life? So do you consciously do it daily or weekly or even hourly? You can't get too much conscious use of your imagination can you?

To really imagine a new result when appearance are different in what you outwardly see is one of the most noble and praiseworthy acts possible!

Let me tell you of one of my experiments that came to fruition and the reality was brought to me last Sunday again with my Nephew reminding me about his situation in person.

It was May of this year when I heard my sister on the phone tell me that her Son, R, was really sick and had internal bleeding and stomach and back pain for over 2 years. They didn't know what it was and she thought he was going to die if he didn't get the right help. He had been seeing doctors since this started at the emergency room. When I heard her I said to her I will pray for him. Which means - that I will do an imagining where he gets better in a conversation with my sister.

I heard her tell me it they found it and that it wasn't anything serious in my imagination. That was my Experiment.

Result: about 1 month later I was talking with my Sister and I asked about her son, R, and she said they found what it was and it was nothing serious or life threatening. They did find it and clear up in less than 5 days. It would have been serious if they didn't find it.

Now many people would have said "Hey they would have found it anyway" and yet it was going on like that for over 24 months. Until I imagined it changed in my world - then did it change. Can you see the power of your imagination just in my story and experiment?

What is your experiment today? This week? This Month? What will you do to Apply Neville to your life? Tell us about it here. Let us know what your experiments are even if they are small. They all matter!


Thursday, July 30, 2009

How has Neville Changed Your Life?


As I look back at how Neville has changed my life, I feel appreciative. I found Neville in May 2002. I felt so pulled to his words and his books. Within just a few months I have read every book and was desiring for much more. The is the start of my odyssey into Neville. I was going through a business failure which was good for me so that I could learn Neville and take the time to start The Neville Project.

As I started experimenting with Neville Goddard's words of wisdom I was astounded at how simple they were and yet profound. I started to wake up myself to the potential I had inside with Abraham-hicks, Ernest Holmes, and Seth (Jane Roberts) books and tapes. When I found Neville it was like someone was singing my favorite song. I just kept reading his books. Eventually I joined a Yahoo Neville Group that had been established two or three years before. I found the same challenges I had with that group as I did with the Abraham group. There were many many what I termed at that time " negative people" participating in them. But they talked about other lectures. I was interested and wrote one of the people who talked about them. I told him that I was really interested in more Neville. After much imagining and some e-mailing he let me in the group. They was two other books that Someone had put together! Wow! I downloaded them and enjoyed them.

Then some Neville lectures were scanned. Some of the older lectures were put them into this group. WOW! I was hooked on Neville lectures too. I couldn't stand reading them all with all the scanned errors and the type face it was in and they weren't all together in one lecture. I wanted to read them straight through so I could get his message and not try to figure what he was saying. So the thing that bugged me became my project to do. Eventually After doing 90 lectures and piecing them together I put them all into PDF format. That is how I started with Neville.

Neville really has given me the words and tools to go for what I truly dreamed about in helping as many people as I felt I could. He helped me take my ideas that weren't getting done and living in the end to complete them. Eventually I kept being told to start recording the lectures on an everyday basis from my spirit and everything came together so I couldn't refuse to start doing them - because all my excuses were taking away! Neville has changed my life in how I look at the Bible as a metaphor and people who represent states instead of history. Makes the bible for me make much more sense than it ever did as a historical document. I have done some things I never thought possible thanks to Neville. I love the idea Imagining Creates Reality!

So how about you? How has Neville changed your life and impacted you?

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Applying Neville In Your Life Today

Hi Folks,

When I sit down to imagine or feel something as real like Neville speaks about sometimes my logical mind spouts off its own truth! Interferring with what I desired in the first place. Sometimes I go to that place of desire and my mind won't let the current reality alone. It says "Look" you'll never be there or go there you have too far to go to reach that end desire.

What do you do when your mind keeps you from imagining the result and ending you want? How do you overcome it?