Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I had this wonderful blog all ready for you and I was doing my final touches and I must hit the wrong button because it all disappeared and I couldn't get it back. So I for about one minute felt that sickening feeling inside and was so upset at myself and the blogger application. Then I thought about what I just wrote and decided I would create my first podcast for you instead. So I took something that was really really upsetting and where I spent hours and hours writing and polishing it up and just gave up the feeling to feel bad about it.

So think about that you can create any meaning out of any situation. Sure I would have preferred you read the blog but it is gone never to be recovered or read. So I recorded my blog and posted it for you here. I covered most of the things from the blog that I could remember. Let me know by e-mailing me if you like the podcast and I will do more of them. Thanks!

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Gary Nordgren

Monday, April 5, 2010


Many of us ignore the power we have within ourselves. We ignore the power behind choosing a new choice. We ignore the power of ideas. We ignore that fact that using our imagination is something so marvelous it changes our lives. Ignoring isn't just what we do. We forget to use our imaginations because we have entertainment instead. We abuse our imaginations because we tend to use it for entertainment purposes only. Watch a TV show or a movie is helping you get new ideas into your head BUT; The abuse happens because we are passive about it. We don't think. Meaning we have visual images going through our mind but we don't think about them or even change them in our imaginations consciously. We rarely stretch our mind enough with a new idea to play with it internally.

If we had a child that we ignored mostly day in and day out we'd be brought up on charges of emotional neglect, child abuse,  wouldn't we? Even if we didn't know any better. Ignorance is no excuse under the law. Our imagination needs more than just some activity going through its halls.

Your imagination wants to be played with. To be probed. To be alive with more than impressions from the outside world of what is. It wants to be come live within you with new worlds. It wants to contribute to you. It wants to become your warrior of purpose and passion. It may not tell you that because it has no tongue and even though it doesn't have a tongue it has this capabilities you can tap into easily.   

This movie represents almost a lifetime of thinking about a certain subject by James Cameron. At this time the Avatar the movie is the biggest grossing movie ever beating out his last blockbuster Titanic by almost 1 billion dollars. Now I personal have seen it 3 times total on the 3D Screen (2 times of those was also in 3D and on an IMAX screen). James created this world with stunning results. Invented a new way to do 3D and brought the colors out amazingly so in a theater experience you may not have had ever previously. He added value to us with his vision, his story, his ability to invent new ways to let us see a new world. The story had combined elements from other stories and it created a compelling new never before seen story and movie.  That is using his imagination.

Your imagination is your servant. It does your bidding. If you have a servant but never instruct them to clean, cook, or drive for you it is the same as not having a servant. How have you used your imagination lately? Have you just watched and read something to be entertained or have you created something new out of those ideas? Have you found a better ideal to live in? Have you imagined a life without the safety net of not knowing exactly what it would be like? Have you given your self some rich intentions to fulfill and went for it - even though you weren't that sure about it? Have you created a new primary aim and through all your imaginations power and then started moving towards having that specific aim?

Have you taken the thing you desire and combined them with other things you desire to create a new vivid picture you can frame within your minds eye? Do you realize that everyday when you see, feel, and hear with only your physical senses you are starving your imagination?

What have you seen, heard, or felt that wasn't there before and then you practiced creating it through faith into your existence? You being a selector and creator of your reality you can take it further than ever before? You have the same capacity as an Einstein, Mozart, or Leonardo da Vinci. The spiritual gifts you develop here on this physical Earth are helping you become more as you become consciously aware that you really can be more and have more. And yet you can assume a state without any spiritual gifts and that state becomes real.

Have you become fascinated with something? Researched every aspect of it? Do you feel curiosity on a regular basis?  Do you learn so you can constantly bring new ideas to expand your life? Do you combined those ideas to make a more efficient home? A more productive business? Happier people around you because you tweaked a new way to live? What big thing have you imagined lately and put it into the play of your life?

So what exactly have you visualized, heard, or felt as true for yourself or someone else lately? A great practice is to let go of your senses at least once a day and create a wonderful scene you'd want to live in your head and act it out within. Take in new magazines you wouldn't normally read. Go play hopscotch after school when the kids are gone or better still take your kids with you if you have any and then play on the swing set. Skip in the rain safely. Play in the snow. Make a snow angel. Get playful and experiment with the life you desire on the inside. Maybe go get tea at the most expensive Hotel in towns dinning room. Take your life to the next level by imagining something you have never imagined before. Go to the biggest toy store in your city and find something that makes you feel like a kid again. Buy it. Play with it for a full afternoon on a weekend. Invite friends.Play dough is fun. Crayons are a hoot too. Draw. Doodle. Ignite your imagination.

Invent something-anything that has never existed-even if it is just in your thoughts. As people are more into and using social networking more they are finding alternative ways to live, generate an income, love, connect, and add value. I watch Alice in Wonderland recently and I loved one lines from it.
     The text is from Through the Looking Glass
  "Alice laughed. "There's no use trying," she said: "one can't believe impossible things."

"I daresay you haven't had much practice," said the Queen. "When I was your age, I always did it for half-an-hour a day. Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast."

So what six impossible things have you ever imagined as possible? What if you did this like the Queen for one week? Could you find answers you never knew you had? Could you invent a new way of being? Of singing? Of working? Of shopping? Of traveling?  Of generating income?

Practice. What if you believed 1 impossible thing about yourself today? Just take one thing that would be a blast to believe about yourself even though it might be impossible. What would you believe? Suspend the critical part of your brain and just imagine one impossible thing for yourself! What would it be? What if once you found that one impossible thing for you that then you let that thinking loose on your friends, family, neighborhood, state, country, and world. Wouldn't that be fun? What one thing would you like to imagine as possible that you once believed was impossible? Now what if you imagined 6 just today?

Have you notice the answer lies in the word impossible. It also spells I M possible. Which is the answer to everything that seems impossible. You go to the I on the inside of you and meditate upon it and let the Universe answer because it knows the answer.
Believe that all things are possible to you and that you are what you want to be. Persist in that assumption and it will harden into fact. Having assumed the life you now live, no one can take it from you but yourself! You have the power to lay it down by no longer being conscious of it, and the power to pick it up again through consciousness.
So what if you accomplish one impossible thing a month in your life? Imagine that would drastically change your life? Giving the impossible things a possibility creates the space to have it hatched out of the Universe into your life. As much as you believe that things look as though they comes from the visible they actually come out of the unseen, the invisible, behind the scenes quantum field.

Most people will tell you to face reality. From parents, siblings, teachers, friends, and well meaning strangers they want you to be happy with your cards. Be happy with what your lot is in life. Conform. Don't go against the tide! Be like us.

You want to hear a death rattle? Do it like someone else. Conform to their opinion of you.  Don't invent from your view point. Don't add value to the world. Did you notice that when you read this that you almost get defensive. Writing it and reading it puts the sting back into what most people are doing unconsciously.

You are one in zillion! How about if you act like it now if you aren't already? You imagining the best world for yourself. The desires you have are yours alone. No one will express them exactly the same way as you do ever. You are a finger print of God. You have so much to add to all of our worlds just by being here. Just by attempting and possibly succeeding to believe 1 impossible thing today. And yet your much more than any action or doing you do. Your power lies in your creative choices. What you decide to be. What makes you passionate and excited about living your life! If you were a painter and had a blank canvas what would you paint in your life today?

You are an unique finger print of God. What can you do with you? What can you be that is to be revealed to you? Do you have an inkling?  Do you feel the stirrings within that begin to hatch into that incredible master of your destiny that you are? Each day of your life you choose to be something. You choose to do something. You choose to feel something. Each day you exercise a choice you create your next new reality. Each time you choose this way instead of that way you move toward a different reality. Each time you make a choice you shape the path of your reality towards another destination. Is it where you want to go? Is towards your hearts desire? If it is not then it's just another choice. Its easy to know where to go you just feel it and your insides tell you which way to go. No magic involved just your inner guidance system providing you with maps of desires to head towards. You are a creative being that believes thing into existence. Just feel it as true. Know it as true.
The most creative thing in us is to believe a thing into objective existence. Can you believe that something is already objective to you, even though your mortal eyes cannot see it? Can you walk, drenched in the feeling that it is an objective fact, until it becomes so?

These next few days start to notice when you nourish your imagination. Begin to find the ways to think a new reality into existence for yourself. You are a spiritual being having a human - physical experience. Your power doesn't lie within your physical world it lies within. The outside life is but a shadow of what you continue to imagine as true for you and your world. A reflection of your past history if you will. Dare yourself to change it and challenge your comfort zones so you can ultimately have more and more of what you want. It is in your very capable hands. Just begin with a small thing that you desire and move it up further and further so the bigger things are included in your imaginings! It will be fantastic to hear your stories. Let me know here if your willing to share. Thanks!

May you imagine better than the best you know and have an incredible life!

Gary Nordgren

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Your Best Weapon - Your Own Trojan Horse

The past is yet a memory. As you look back on the past and see your progress - what do you think about it? Do you think that your past has anything to do with your future? Do you think that your past defines what your future will be like?

Many people rely so heavily on the road they have taken whether it be one that is well wore or not. The path chooser has completely forget that they choose the road. Right now if you looked back on your past would change something? What if you could go back and advise yourself to take a completely different path. Would you? How about now. If your future self could come back and advise you to choose a better choice now would you listen to you? What would you have to say to yourself so you would believe that what you had to say was important to change the direction of your life course right now? Would you have to persuade? Would you have to tell of the consequences of up coming choices in this pivotal time-line? What would you do to convince yourself that you in the future was right about the present?

Time travel is happening everyday... in the unlikest places. Every day we time travel in some way to our past in the deep of your mind. We travel to the past and relive it over and over and over again just like we were there in person. What a tragedy that we forgot our power to travel every part of the time-line as we contemplate yesterdays mistakes and goofs and blunders. Many people rely on being comfortable with their past pain and grief. Its sometimes better than actually having to risk something to have  beautiful future. if you find you are stuck you might need to use the little known technique called your Trojan Horse.

If we study the old story of the Trojan Horse we find that the main idea of it was deception. Here is the story in greater detail.

"Still seeking to gain entrance into Troy, clever Odysseus (some say with the aid of Athena) ordered a large wooden horse to be built. Its insides were to be hollow so that soldiers could hide within it.

Once the statue had been built by the artist Epeius, a number of the Greek warriors, along with Odysseus, climbed inside. The rest of the Greek fleet sailed away, so as to deceive the Trojans.

One man, Sinon, was left behind. When the Trojans came to marvel at the huge creation, Sinon pretended to be angry with the Greeks, stating that they had deserted him. He assured the Trojans that the wooden horse was safe and would bring luck to the Trojans.

Only two people, Laocoon and Cassandra, spoke out against the horse, but they were ignored. The Trojans celebrated what they thought was their victory, and dragged the wooden horse into Troy.

That night, after most of Troy was asleep or in a drunken stupor, Sinon let the Greek warriors out from the horse, and they slaughtered the Trojans.



How do you use the Trojan Horse Technique to better your life? Most people think that they have to face reality, they must be realistic, that they must face the facts, and anything that has to do with your five senses.

Your have been using this techique every time you get what you want when it wasn't available before in your life. Its the same technique you used to capture your lovers heart. Each time you expect an outcome you can't for see on the outside as absolute. What do you think it is?

Every person who can imagine has this ability and possibly even masters at it. The TROJAN HORSE is what you did as a kid often. It is pretending something is true. Not unlike viruses or rogue programs that fake your computers anti-virus protector it pretends to be something else. The TROJAN HORSE was a gift or was it just a pretend gift? See using your imagination to pretend scenarios and scenes you'd like to live is no different than fooling the ego or memory from the past.

As you vividly imagine what it feels like to be in love, to driver that luxury car, to broker that $100 million real estate deal - it is using the TROJAN HORSE. Your pretending something is true until it becomes true. No you don't have to convince the whole city of Troy only you.


When you start to imagine you can close your eyes to your own past. Get this- your past doesn't really exist except in your memory. You have some amnesia and you wouldn't remember your past at all. Now the ego loves to say " Hey You! That isn't you. You have never done that. What makes you think you can now? Huh? You're not this person."

The ego would love for you to think it has some mysterious power over you. It doesn't unless you give it power over you. If you understand the function of the ego you aren't plugged into idea that it halts your progress. The ego is here to serve you. "What?" you might gasp. It remembers for you so you can actually have a physical life. So you can bend over and and tie your shoes. So you can drive your bike, car, or motor home. It has this memory of the past so you don't have to learn everything all over again and again. It also has memories attached to it so you can run away from the Sabre Tooth Tiger when it wants dinner. It is also one that remembers your emotional pain and convinces you that it is something to run from. Its a fight or flight reaction that resides in your memories.

So what you say to your EGO is this when it says something non-supportive of your new assumption, new desire, and entering the new state - Thank you. Please tell me things that support my desire or please do not speak. And then go in and do the TROJAN HORSE technique. Pretend you already have what you want FROM the place of already having it! Receive it as yours. LIve it as yours for as long as you can. 10 hours to 20 seconds would be a place to start. Whatever makes it feel real to you. Liev in that promise land that your dream, assumption, new state is real.

Construct it like you already had it within your mind. As you come from the place you have notice what you'd feel, say, and do next while you just got it in your life. Would you imagine calling all your friends when this happen for you? Would you get an award for this accomplishment? Would you feel sand ooze through your toes because your on the whites sands in the Caribbean? What structure would it be? Feel yourself with it surrounding you as real. Pretend you have exactly what you desire. Play with it. What calls would you receive now because of it? Would you fly some where because of it? Would you have a different taste in your mouth because of it? Just pretend. Pretend with vivid imagining flowing through you.

What happens after when its not yet here after I build it? Do what the Troy people did bring your TROJAN HORSE in and celebrate the war is over. You no longer have to fight to have what you want because you have already received it. Now the difference between you bringing your dream or assumption into your heart as already done and the TROY deception is that when the TROJAN HORSE opens up and reveals what is inside you'll have exactly what you want because you created the TROJAN HORSE in the first place. You are deceiving your senses that whatever you see in the outer world is the only thing that is real. Your go in side and create an inner landscape, and inner world of pretending, that opens up and slays the memories that you can't do this or that. You have suspended your disbelief just enough with pretending that it becomes real. You worship inside the gate of the promise land what is real to your spiritual senses instead of to your outer senses.


The TROJAN HORSE works because you are not deceiving your true self. Your involving it. Your using your spiritual capacities to teach you what is possible in your world. You are "pretending" long enough to line your vibrational frequency up inside of you to send it out to the outside world. It is lining things on the outside to reveal it you that you are already in the world through your assumption, state, or heart felt dream.

Ignoring the idea that you have to be somebody else or strive to have something or yearn for something is the idea that is a physical only component of your world. You must let go and Pretend what you desire is true until it becomes true on the outside physical world.

As you grew up parents, teachers, and others tell you to be serious. Obviously there is a time to be serious but not when your going for your goal, dream, assumption, or new state you are entering. Being playful makes all the difference. Being playful allows you to make small adjustments to feel the right vibrational on the inside of you. Being playful allows you to make mistakes and not think it is the end of your world. being playful with your intentions allows you to see what other easy adjustments you can make if it didn't come out the way you'd dream it would be.

There are many paths to what you desire. They all start on the inner path of having them first. Building an inner world mental equivalent of your desired dream or assumption as yours already is one of the first steps to telling, yelling, and pronouncing to the Law (or Law of Attraction many people call it now) that your desire is yours. Then as you really accept it as yours it comes into your world by unknown means.


The universe is triggered by you having the mental and spiritual thought of your desire, dream, or assumption as real. If you focus on that you don't have it - your receive that too. There is a vibrational match within you that says "YES! I have what I desire!" that you want to line up. Ask and you'll Receive it! There is nothing that stops the universe from delivering to you except you. And obviously not on purpose. You just don't know you have interfering beliefs about what your desire is. Another programed thought stops it from coming into your reality. That is what is so great about revising your energy in receiving it. If you didn't get it - just revise that you did. Feel it fully again that you now have it. STOP paying attention to what is in your world in regards to NOT having it. START to see, feel, and hear only that you received it already. Play in your imagination you can now call adventure land that it is yours!

Now go ahead and play with your vibration by pretending that you have it now. Put yourself in the place you have it now. Think and feel from the place it is your already. Do it now. Don't wait. Get yourself in that place that you not only are convince you have it that when someone points out that you don't have it or it isn't here yet - YOU TOTALLY IGNORE their "lies" and continue to experience your ultimate desires of being fulfilled already.

And let it happen now. You deserve it. Your desire it. You have the ability to know that it is yours so let it in to your outer world! Practice the TROJAN HORSE technique and know what is coming out of your HORSE will be a spiritual sensation being manifested as yours! Now time travel until you feel you have your desire and it will be yours!

Happy Time Traveling!
Gary Nordgren

Some quotes to support this material from Neville Goddard:

" You can take it in a financial sense, take it in the social world; take it in any way whatsoever. That is what came to me a few days before I closed. For if I could find something more simple to tell them than I think I have told them, this would be it: to enter into the state and not simply think of the state. Thinking from it differs from thinking of it. I must learn to think from it. A man who this night came into a million dollars, from that moment that man is made aware that he has a million, when prior to that he had nothing. He is thinking from the consciousness of having a million dollars. He is not thinking of it; he is walking in the consciousness of having a million dollars. He's not hoping for it, wishing for it; he is actually in it."
Lecture #412  Neville   07/14/1969

and another Neville Goddard quote:

" Now, how will I know that I have changed the feeling of "I"? By beginning first with an uncritical observation of my reactions to life and then noticing my reactions when I think I am identified with my choice. If I assume that I am the man that I want to be, let me observe my reactions. If they are as they were, I have not identified myself with my choice, for my reactions are automatic and so if I am changed I would automatically change my reactions to life. So the changing of the feeling of "I" results in a change of reaction… which change of reaction is a change of environment and behavior. But let me warn you now. A little alteration of mood is not a transformation; it's not a real change of consciousness. Because as I change my mood for the moment it can quickly and rapidly be, I would say, replaced by another mood in the reverse direction. When I say that I was changed, as that gentleman changed his mood, his basic mood, his state of consciousness, it means that having assumed that I am what the moment denied, what my reason denied, that I remain in that state long enough to make that state stable, so that all of my energies are flowing from that state. I am no longer thinking of that state, I am thinking from that state. So that wherever a state grows so stable as to definitely expel all of its rivals, then that central, habitual state of consciousness from which I think defines my character and is really a true transformation or change of consciousness. Whenever I reach that state of stability, watch my world mold itself then in harmony with this inner change, and men will come into my world, people will come to aid and they will think they are initiating the urge to help. They are playing only their part. They must do what they do because I have done what I did. Having moved from one state into the other, I have altered my relationship relative to the world round about, and that changed relationship compels a change in behavior relative to my world. So they have to act differently toward me."

Lecture #325 - Neville    06/28/1955