Tuesday, April 10, 2012


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Every blog I write or record is about helping you take one aspect of using your imagination to the next level ….that is to help you integrate Neville's teaching into your life. So you will make it a part of your life as often as possible and for you to realize that you're much more than blood and bones.

I want you to know that whatever is going on in your life ? the conditions of your life or the circumstances truly don't determine the person that you are as much as what you continue to entertain in your imagination as true.

Yes, You can imagine your not good enough for the elusive "they" or your parents or your spouse or whoever  but you're just imagining it. Stop Imagining that now and it stops being present within you. And then go ahead and START imagining you have everything you need within you for the resources that you require or desire within your consciousness right now.

Don't let the little minds of others tell you who you are. The "they" doesn't define you. Don't let your past or your excuses or your best friend limit you. You are a miracle at birth and are the most important person that you could imagine to being in this universe.

And yes, everyone else is important too, even though that doesn't make you any less valuable than they are. There is no one that has better value than what you are and everyone else is of equal value to you in this world.

Sure many others may have doors that have opened and may look like they have a distinct advantage and not equal to you but that would be misleading.

It might even feel like your value is disputed as infinitely valuable. You have infinite value just by being the "you" you are to this Universe. Just you being your authentic self is so completely Awesome  ?  that the heavens sing halleluiah when you get who you are!

So now you have a choice to let your imagination go wild and imagine how awesome and wonderful you really are or you can keep letting those little comments from yourself and others cut you down to a smaller value than who you truly are. You could also use your own memories of your past to do the same thing.

I vote you boot out all the lies that you're limited and can't be fulfilled and successful with your life right now. There is no more waiting. Let go and be you.

So take these words and make it a reality to bless yourself with them and go immediately to infinity and beyond!

And so as you sit there and listen or read this blog you have thoughts that constantly do a dance of your own special dialogue in your head. That dialogue is always personal based on your experience and always asking you questions that it wants you to answer ? usually with yes and no answers.

You'll find that you have energy storms of emotions in your body as you re-act or respond to certain information that you think. You feel something almost always about something you think or ponder upon. Whether you're terrifically conscious of them or not ? they still exist and are happening right now.  And Now. And Now.

So you are constantly moving your energy with your thoughts, mind, heart, and spirit. Your energy NEVER stops at any moment. You can't STOP thinking while you're awake. It is impossible. Sure you can meditate and calm the mind/brain/body but you are forever conscious of something.

Even as you listen you are conscious of some things that are immediately in front of you and have deleted other parts of reality to be here with these words.

Many of us don't pay much attention to what is going on inside our own minds when we are awake.  And when we are awake we are still asleep unless we are conscious. And you have the ability to wake up and be conscious.

Now to the tools you have already. What is great is having tools at the ready with Neville's principled ideas based on laws that are constant. What is a law? A law means it can't be broken in the universe. It can't be undone. It always gives you results once you know how to use it. It doesn't decide if you're worthy or unworthy, Rich or poor.  It doesn't decide if you are deserving or not. All it does is form a reality around you that you perceive is real and true for you and others.

Now in regards to how to use the law Neville has given us a quiver full of revolutionary concepts on how to use our imaginations to change our world through the law.

Now let's go to our topic:  what is a hack? From Merriam-Webster online dictionary we find a few answers. The best definitions that might fit are these two: to make chopping strokes or blows and 2) cut or sever with repeated irregular or unskillful blows.

To take the definition further I'll say that when you hack the software of your thoughts and feelings that you are using short cuts that get you right to the point of the matter quickly.

You don't go to your childhood and unbury the dead feelings of the past; you don't concentrate on why you did something or why you're not where you want to be. You hack right through the psychological goo to get right to the place that things matter. You change your consciousness in the moment with Neville's concepts. 


Now when or if we are stuck believing in a reality as real that feels like it is forever - doesn't hacking that reality makes sense?

Hacking the software of your thoughts and feelings with leading edge techniques from Neville is one of the best answers to the dilemmas of being somewhere you no longer want to be; doing something you no longer want to do; and being someone you no longer want to be. 

So when we talk about hacking the software of your thought or feelings we are talking about making inroads with short cuts that take out the long processes to a brighter future.

We are talking here about hacking your life with Neville's ideas so that they become daily tools for you to use to hack the software of your thoughts and feelings.

In software circles there are people who hack websites, hack software; hack viruses to make them all serve their own purposes. These hackers create these shortcuts to hack software or what you and I might call a type of code.

Now as we look into viruses we find that many of us have our own viruses. They reside in your mind. These mind viruses rise out of beliefs that travel far and wide through media, friends, parents, and people you barely know.

Typically a mind virus would translate to you as a belief or idea that keeps you stuck in a limitation of a condition or a circumstance. These limited beliefs takes over a part of your brain and act to you as true and keeps you believing them without being consciously aware that they are limiting you.

Many mind viruses exist by accident and people believe them. Some of them serves us and many of us don't. One such is as you get older you can't lose weight. Another one is as you get older your body starts to fall apart. Now some doctors would swear by their training this is true and then you have others who have researched how the body reacts to old age and they would disagree. Another positive one is "Eat your vegetables they are good for you."

The word hacking has had negative connotations in the past but today realize that hacking your own feelings and thoughts is nothing more than giving yourself permission to be the creator of your life which you know you ultimately are.

In our society, in the media, in the movies, and in our families we are taught to toe the line by being good little conformists. We conform to some ridged standards or rebel to the opposite side believing we had a "real choice" in the first place. We can react to the appearances that we believe through our perceptions.  We can react to outside circumstance BUT that still doesn't make a conscious choice maker out of us.

Understand you are still creating even though you are just creating through reaction.

Many people create through their senses which come about by looking at appearances and believing they are the truth. The belief continues the cycle of seeing the physical world and then creating from the input of their senses.

Now Neville brings us many tools to hack the software of our habits and brain through his marvelous ideas on how to use the…. "law"…. to get you what you want. To help you be who you want.

For about ten years Neuroscience has been confirming that Neville's teachings not only as spiritually valid but literally change and grow brain cells through application of spiritual law. One of the laws is the law of assuming something as true. With assuming something as true even if it isn't now a fact and sustaining that assumption until it becomes a reality in the physical world.


Hacking the old assumptions with the new assumption that is not yet true but is maintained to be true actually creates the physically reality that you're assuming to be in your world inside your brain cells. Which means this: your brain cells actually change to who you are assuming you are over time. So looking at Neville's statement "Assume you are already that which you seek and your assumption, though false, if sustained, will harden into fact." End of Quote.

Realize that you can literally change your brain cells and grow new ones with your assumption.

Neville tells us if we lie to ourselves within - with an assumption of a fact that isn't true yet that it actually will harden into a fact that is true. How cool is that?

This is what hacking is all about. You didn't go to the past to make sure everything lined up you went straight to the assumption and made it real by believing it!

Isn't that what creation is all about? You believe in a world that wasn't there and imagine, feel, believe that it is and it gets created before your very eyes in the physical plane. Of course usually it's not instant is it? That's why you must sustain the assumption. As your brain believes in the truth of the assumption and then it sends spirit out as a cannon shot out into the physical universe to line up your assumption as a fact to be counted as real.

It doesn't matter if it takes a million people to create this fact or the weather patterns to change or a science break through to happen - you are creating a new reality never before your physical eyes as a true fact. What an amazing hacker you are! You can create realities as your own world maker!

As you study you'll find that Neville was the ultimate hacker of life through applying his ideas to his life and ours. He believed and lived in short cuts. He created through thoughts, feelings and his words.

Read "The Law and the Promise and you find a story of a couple who without using a penny of their own went ahead and imagined an apartment building being done and built on their vacant land. They didn't use any of their own money. They imagined and imagined until they signed for the loan and work to go ahead. It's a great story if you haven't read the book I recommend it.  I also recommend a reread if you haven't read it lately!

Neville used living in the end as a spectacular hack or shortcut to getting what you want quicker than ever. He also used…. I remember when… to really change your energy massively right now in the moment and put the past decisions in the past. That is what we call a "hack" of transforming energy from one space to another with just a thought. He used revision as another hack which he knew would influence your past, present, and future self by changing the place or state you come from as you practice revision. See when you revise your day or your past and bring that revision forward to your present vibration you literally change your body cells and how you feel about that particular subject you revised. When you think "from" a place then you have hacked you -then you are moving directly past go and moved right on to the desired results almost automatically.

So hacking your life is actually setting up shortcuts in your life so that you are 100% more happy, 10 times more rich while yet working less, and happier, and also having incredible relationships easier and more effortlessly than ever before. Hacking your life through your feelings and thoughts is about finding the quickest way to be, do, and have anything you desire so it is more workable for you.

Hacking your life is about taking the mind viruses of the past that had stopped you before and plant new assumptions, beliefs, and inner conversations. They are maintained by you sustaining within yourself those new feelings of assumptions, beliefs, and inner conversations.

It's about rethinking, reinventing, and re-innovating your mind and feelings to get you what you want easier and quicker than ever. So open yourself to the possibilities and get ready to hack your life in a most beneficial way that brings more good to all.

When you're hacking your habitual thinking of reoccurrence and limitations think of it as eliminating the wasted potential that is now sitting….waiting….dormant inside of you. As you hack the software of your brain you are changing relationships to yourself and others.

When you hack anything you do remember to add value by living in the ideal of the assumption. Remember that you have immense power with your assumptions for yourself and others.  Remember your only hacking ideas, beliefs, assumptions, inner conversations that continue to play the music of why you can't do something or no longer works for your life. You're hacking into your belief in your limitations. Your hacking into feelings and thoughts that keep you held hostage to the past or memories of yester year. You are hacking your person to get a more exciting, loving, prosperous, and dream getting life.

Right now you have your own habitual thinking that goes on and on without much of a pattern change. There may sit a virus in your mind that you had believed telling you can't do your dreams because of BLANK. Fill it in for you.  What is that blank?  In the kids movie Shark Boy and Lava Girl there was a place where past ideas were put in when they weren't quite complete. It looked like it was the imagination dump. So ask yourself "what excuse does your mind viruses fill in for you while your dreams are left in the imagination dump?"

Wouldn't you rather make your excuses be gone while hacking your way to your greatest potential?  I know I would. So today is the time to start sampling your highest potential with your ideal assumptions.

Your belief in your limitations and possibilities continues unless you change them. Your beliefs in yourself will stay the same unless you go past your comfort zone and hack your assumptions of limitations. You have a pattern of thinking that is determined by what you have been thinking and feeling for years. Don't you think its about time to hack the way things work in your brain and feelings and find the space in between so you can choice new choices again and again!


The question you really have to ask yourself is: Do you want your past to repeat over and over living the same results and accomplishments or do you want to get what you really want? Whether they be the dreams you have dreamt of having but haven't yet had them or living your life on the purpose that you were born here to experience and haven't as of yet expressed in this … your physical reality.

The choice you have is always present before you. My writing and speaking here is not to trick you or promise you some magical potion that you can instantly take to have what you want but to get you excited about a future that you desire to possess!

The way to your most exciting future is through the desires you already have within you! You must realize that you are not alone with your thoughts. The Universe you live in is responsive to your every whimsical, directed, planned, unplanned and held beliefs, inner conversations and assumptions.

As you grow up you come to learn what other people teach you.

And thank goodness they teach us how to live, survive, and prosper. They teach us what their reality is and we just buy into it because they are people we should trust to teach us what is right and wrong.

They teach whether to sell out to a job you settle for or hate they also teach you to do what you love and start your own business. They teach you a dialogue of inner conversations we hear and usually accept as true. Why wouldn't we? We have little reason to doubt their reality is true when we first hear it.

We usually don't filter out our loved ones. And unfortunately when they might be abusive in any way we sometimes believe their abuse is because we entered their world.

The truth is it has nothing to do with you except you think it's your own reality too because of you.

Those who abuse use blaming to confuse and control you. They use blaming to keep you in line and conform to what they want to do. They use it to punish you because it's their reality they believe in is not a "kind person's" reality.

If you ever experienced the abuse in any way realize that what you felt about yourself was a projection from another person's reality and you bought into it at that time. You can stop it at any time if you're willing to.

Whether you have ever been abused or abusive to others it's a reality that was bought into and taken forward.

Realize that you are creating your reality right now in this very moment.

So we learn from others what their reality is and they teach it to us. We are young enough to not know what they are teaching us isn't necessary true for us but just for those who are teaching us their rules. So we accept their reality to a point except where we find conflict in their teachings.

It's normal to accept a reality of someone else who we have lived with day in and day out. Especially because they repeat it to us like sacred learning's from God. They help us accept their reality with their proofs and evidence and opinions. And we believe them. We believe those learning's hook line and stinker because we trust there intent. Our loved ones intent was pure but their information they were taught was based on a past that has long been forgotten and now a hackers dream.

Now lets go to something that is going to be useful to you! It's time to Use Neville's Hacks to bring something new into your life. Using imagination is going to be your key!

Imagine it! Use I remember when…, or Live in the End, or Precision Revision to change your feelings and emotions!

Hackers create short cuts from those beliefs that no longer apply to your life. Hack the software of  your thought! Hack the software of your feelings! Hack the software of your belief! Hack the software of your inner conversations! Hack the software of your limiting assumptions! Hack! Hack Hack!

Just like a fish swimming in the ocean we start to mostly see the waves of their reality interpreted to you so often you almost can't help but believe and think that way.

Of course you believe that until you find contradictory evidence to your senses that it is not true. Sometimes the reality they sold you is so real to you that you never even question if it's real or not because it just seems like it is.

You might know people like I do who never realize that they are much more than who they appear to be in our bodies. They never question that they are this way. That there is only one truth to them of who they are. They grow up in a religion or a belief system and the truth can only come through that one church or belief system or that one prophet. They don't question their most powerfully held convictions by asking themselves "Is this true?" And wondering if it wasn't what would they do next. Now hack the software of your thought! Hack the software of your belief! Hack the software of your limiting assumptions! Hack! Hack Hack!


So you have an interest in Neville we can assume that by you being here either listening or reading this blog. How committed are you to you to create a reality that makes you happy even if it doesn't match your parents or guardians belief systems when you were younger?

Neville gives us great tools in his words to really make our lives the way we want them to be. Sometimes we wonder how and sometimes we want to believe it but we don't. It feels good to read or listen to his words even if we believe it's a fantasy or maybe he just gives us a hope that life can be a little better.

To better understand why we create realities and give them to others is because it helps you maintain the reality if others believe to. It makes it easier to believe. It's a short cut if you will to continue believing the reality you believe in.

If you have ever played a game or gone to a movie or watched a fictional reality program to go into which we call will call the "the magic circle" where we adopt the belief that the reality being shown is real. We cry at the people jumping off the Titanic in the movie. We cry for the love that is shown on the silver screen. We cry for our heroes. We clap for joy at a spectacular ending. We cheer for the good guy and boo the bad guy. We take off what we call reality every time you entertain yourself.

If you have ever played with face cards the game called "War" you have a set of rules for the reality of the game. You play for card domination. Whoever has all the cards wins. If you want to play the game you have to  suspend the regular rules of reality to play, Do really dominate someone if you win? No. Just in the game. When the game is over you might have bragging rights but does it really matter in the scheme of things if you won or not, does it? 


Every game is like that. We have to suspend the ordinary rules of life and play within context of the rules of the game. The game you play is a role you choose to play in any "alternate reality".

So if we look at life from "the magic circle" where we can try on different realities like thinking from the place we want to be instead of thinking of the place we want to be.

Let's look at a Neville's Quote from

Lecture #34   CONCEPTION    03/11/1968 

"A state is penetrated through the act of assumption.  Assuming you are now in the state you want to externalize, you think from it and no longer of it.  Thinking from, you have penetrated the state.  This penetration is still the mystery of all mysteries."  End of Quote.

So let's sport a new reality in "the magic circle" okay? Let's think from the state we desire. Novel idea but one very worthy of considering in this moment, don't you think?

Now as we are thinking from a place or a state what would you like the place or state to be? Once you have decided what your heart and head desires then its time to fill in the blanks. What blanks do we need to fill in? Well you're in a habitual state of thinking and being so you're most likely want to breakout of that habitual commitment by thinking out of that particular box.

When you do that you suspend the rules on the state you were in and decide to make another state or place of being real. Now what do you think is the easiest way to do that? Now, today decide to hack the software of your thought!

Many people don't realize that they have a constant on going voice that tells them how to be in that particular state or place.

Now what would we call that in the movies? It would be called direction using a script. So the story you're telling to yourself gets reinforced over and over again until you are person in a place where you dwell or give the living state a place to be. A faster way to say it is you are being. Being something. Being somewhere. Being applies so many ways to the state you're thinking from.

So if you want to realize an easy way to change your place of being you need to break the rules of your old state and tell new stories about who you are now and where you are and what is happening in your new state of being. So your new story keeps people opening their eyes to really seeing the new you until it's  true.

You become a story teller not to others at first but to yourself. Do you think there is a different story being told by people who are fabulously wealthy to themselves versus someone who just feels middle class status? You can bet your class they are doing something different.

So what story fits from the where you'd like to be? Do you live by the sea? Do you live on the capital hill in Washington D.C.? Do you want riches galore or do you want to live in Ecuador? Do you want to visit the beach every day or do you want to climb the coconut trees by hand with in the sunshine rays?

Whatever your heart sings to be true you have the right, privilege, and deserving to do. Don't wait till tomorrow to create another story for you to tell - open yourself up to the pleasure of ringing the new story like a bell.

It doesn't matter how you hack your story whether it be one thought at a time or a feeling, or an experienced knowing - you can make it with rhymes and chimes!

I remember when to your software of your thought! Hack the software of your feelings with precision revision! Hack the software of your Feelings by living in your ideal end!  Hack the software of your belief by giving yourself the infinite possibilities! Hack the software of your limiting assumptions by opening yourself up to assuming a new reality! Hack! Hack Hack!


Take something you truly desire and start telling yourself that you have it. Write down how you feel about that you now have it. What would you say to friends now because you now have it?

What would it really feel like in your body that you now have it? What would you sense? What other possibilities would you be up for now that you have your desire? 

Now what are the assumptions can you let go of about other desires that you've sought after and were a bit scared to believe you could have them? What other things could you do because you now have this first desire? Who would call you once they knew that you had your desire?

What would they say or feel about you? Make it as positive as you can but if you have a friend who would be jealous or envious in their nature have that attitude come out. You're playing to the audience of people you know and how they would react in your world to convince you that you have it.  Keep seeing each feeling of your desire hacking the old life away into the new life you deserve and desire!


It's time to tell a new story and hack your past beliefs. To be a creator you must live in the choices of the story being told. You have to dare, you have to care, and make words that may sound like a lie so bold.

Don't expect another to change you from within that's a silly route to go and certainly sounds like a sin. A sin of accountability to your true desires that scream from within to be heard in the manifested world of fire, form and skin.

It's rather easy to create a new story to tell about the new you - you just pretend to be another and act as if it were true - buts its you. Go ahead hack that software in your head and heart with new assumptions and beliefs about the new you! Forget what others may say because you now only hear what state you are entering with words that support that action in imagination all the way.

You have the ability to renew the disciplined attribute of mind called "Simon" that Neville mentions in Your Faith is Your Fortune book. Where you only hear what supports the state you are thinking from until it is properly believed and done.

Use the idea of precision revision the software of your thought! Hack the software of your feelings with Living in the Ideal End! Hack the software of your Feelings by changing your inner conversations!  Hack the software of your belief by daring to assume a new reality for you! ! Hack the software of your limiting assumptions closing your eyes and being somewhere else in the future! Hack! Hack Hack!

Quote from Your Faith Is Your Fortune - A Neville book.

"The first quality to be called and disciplined is Simon or the attribute of hearing. This faculty, when lifted to the level of a disciple, permits only such impressions to reach consciousness as those which his hearing has commanded him to let enter. No matter what the wisdom of man might suggest or the evidence of his senses convey, if such suggestions and ideas are not in keeping with that which he hears, he remains unmoved. This one has been instructed by his Lord and made to understand that every suggestion he permits to pass his gate will, on reaching his Lord and Master (his consciousness), leave its impression there, which impression must in time become an expression." End of Quote.

So as you develop Simon to hear only what you want to hear even from yourself you get a chance to increase the power of your conviction by letting nothing else in.

Ultimately you can tell any wonderful or victim type story you desire to. No one lives within you so you're the only person who suffers the arrows of not being who you really can be. When you suffer because you have made being comfortable more important than living up to what you can be here then you are in your own hell.

Occasionally life will disturb you to a point where you say whose picking on me? Why me? I am a good person why is this happening to me?!?!


You are happening to you. You can't live in a jar when you're an infinite creator of reality where your life has other better and more fun stories to be told of who you really are. The "I AM" inside of you doesn't wait forever for you to move beyond your comfort zone. Its spikes you like a volley ball past the net and into the ground if you get too lazy and just sitting around.

You were meant to grow beyond the levels of your first assumptions to become much more in our physical reality. You are meant to expand what you realize about you. You being a creator and all - you have multiple stories to tell of your movement toward the expansions out of limitations into possibilities. The love that is there for your infinite self can only be found when you let yourself realize who you really are. The Creator of Your World!

Who else if not you? It's time to hack the matrix of your life to have the you that you desire to be instead. It's your turn to turn the tides to create from "the magic circle" of an alternative reality to create what you want! 


So today I very much dare you to tell a new story to yourself and others where you have entered a new state of being , of feeling, the something you have always wished for or desired. If not you then who will do it for you?

Start with once upon a time there lived a person on earth who once was this way but now changed to this. Hack away the old life to be the new being.

Lets look at Neville's words from the
Lecture # 310   THE ART OF DYING   03/23/1959

"For crucifixion comes before resurrection. Crucifixion without resurrection would be unthinkable; it would be the utter triumph of tyranny. If I could yield myself to my dream and it would not become flesh, it would be complete tyranny over this wonderful concept of life. But you cannot fail if you yield. If you hold back within yourself, wondering "What will I play as my last card if this doesn't work?" then you have not yielded, you have not nailed yourself to it. It is a complete yielding. It is the great cry "My God! My God! Why hast Thou forsaken me?" If you know that you're God doing it, you can yield.  But there must be complete abandonment as though it were true and then you make it a reality. The cost is that form of mental abandonment that Blake calls "madness." But man is afraid; he dare not so abandon himself to a dream, and so never "dies."  So Blake was right when he said: "There is nothing like death: the best thing in life is death."

Many people only age, but never change inwardly. They only mature physically, but they have not died in the mystical sense. There is no transforming power in the physical death, and they will still be anchored in a larger world with all the trends of this world. To our senses they seem to be dead but they will still, on another plane, have to learn the art of dying. I can anywhere so completely detach myself from what is taking place that I can "die" to that state. So every little death is the lifting of the divine image. This means dying as the mystic means it. It means dying mentally. Man dies to ill health, or poverty, or to disharmony, etc., but he does it by yielding to the other states.

Blake looks on all states as permanent, as in his great poem regarding the Halls of Los: "I curse the earth for man and made it permanent." So states remain and man passes through states, as though cities. If I do not pass through some state but remain in it, I think [it] is the only reality. You cannot conceive of a state that is not, for the whole is finished; but man is awakening only by dying to state after state." End of Quote.

                  AWAKEN TO WHO AND WHAT YOU ARE

So you must awaken to the state you desire to be in. Create from " the Magic Circle" by suspending the rules of today's realities. You must hack the state you were in to let go of it all together. Learn the art of dying to one state you no longer want to be in - to create another state you desire much more.

Once you have learned this you have learned the power you have to be, see, do, and feel anything is possible for you! And please realize that is true!

You are the maker of your world.
You are the reality creator of your world!
You are the life hacker of your thoughts and feelings!
You make your life what it is!
Through each belief, assumption, and inner conversation
You put into motion the being you are

Remember that You matter.

Your life matters to all of us.

Without you we couldn't be the we that "we" are.

Now Live in your ideal end when you hack the software of your thought! Hack the software of your feelings by assuming the desire you want to have and sustain it until it drains into your physical reality! Hack the software of your Feelings by remembering today's bad news with good news in its place!  Hack the software of your belief by using the precision of revision! Hack the software of your limiting assumptions closing your eyes and being somewhere else in the future! Hack! Hack Hack!

Notice that we and the whole entire Universe supports your being what you want to be! Now tell your new story and master that story of your new state of being until you slip into the role of your life time and play it to the tee. Make all of us proud who are in the stands cheering for you today!

Are you ready?

Are you ready to hack your world? Are you ready to use your imagination instead where once you might have used force, fear or hate to motivate yourself? Are you ready to push back the established ways in your brain and crinkle up your ego's voice of doom like a piece of paper?

Are you ready to love like you never have before? Are ready to be just a bit naughty hacking your world till it feels right? Be naughty and break those rules that are holding you back from being the ultimate person you can be.  Shine gloriously by how your new being feels! Live the golden rule and then hack it so it exceeds way beyond what people would ever expect of you!  Be Naughty! Hack your world till your imagination makes you who you want to be and that you are most fulfilled by it.

You can do it!

The Universe dares you to live in your potential until it becomes true! Hack those past assumptions with new experiencing senses that assume a new reality is true for you - till it's true in your physical reality.

Go ahead and die to the old state and let yourself unfold the new state of being for you to enter whole heartedly!

Dare yourself now to assume the person you truly want to be!

Go ahead and assume a new reality! Live in the ideal end! Live in the world of precision revision and last but not least don't forget to say "I remember when"…
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I appreciate you for getting this session and really listening to go to the next level and if you have any positive feedback please e-mail me at gary@ p e r s i s t e n t s u c c e s s. com Again Gary@PeristentSuccess.com

Now I dare you to make your life one of great happiness, growth, and joy by dying to your old states and hacking into your life to create the states that YOU really want to be in!

Remember… Hack the software of your thought! Hack the software of your belief! Hack the software of your limiting assumptions! Hack the software of your inner conversations. Hack! Hack Hack!

Be naughty until you get the state you desire!

Read this last thing…

Just say "I'll hack my thoughts with I remember when… and then I will live in the ideal end, or use the built in tool of Neville's precision revision or just go ahead and assume a new fact until it becomes a true reality! 

Thank you for being here!

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