Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Applying Neville In Your Life Today

Hi Folks,

When I sit down to imagine or feel something as real like Neville speaks about sometimes my logical mind spouts off its own truth! Interferring with what I desired in the first place. Sometimes I go to that place of desire and my mind won't let the current reality alone. It says "Look" you'll never be there or go there you have too far to go to reach that end desire.

What do you do when your mind keeps you from imagining the result and ending you want? How do you overcome it?


  1. Interesting and difficult question. I'd say look at your past, having wanted something and got it, using Neville quotes, that is thinking from the end. Keep a diary of what you got in your past that you wanted and realise that YOU DID GET IT. That using Neville principle and the law of attraction worked before, so it's got to work. Period. Remember that

    "If your realized prayer produces in you a definite feeling or state of consciousness, then, inversely, that particular feeling or state of consciousness must produce your realized prayer."

    Remember that it takes time for what you desire to manifest, therefore it is normal that it takes time. And while you are waiting remind yourself that you have summoned the universe to manifest your desire and now you all you have to do is wait while the universe works it's butt to manifest your desire and don't have to even lift your little finger!

    Keep remembering and reminding yourself what you got in the past every day. And in that moment of doubt just keep thinking about how you would feel when you desire is going to be manifested ( me I smile and laugh) then followed if needed by remembering the universe working it's butt for me.


  2. Dominique, thank you for your long response. I was using this example that I occasionally have from my life to get you and other people speaking about what they do to change their state. I am new at blogging so forgive me if my first blog did match exactly what I wanted to say. I am interested in every persons response because each person will contibute and get something different from a variety of posts.
    I appreciate your post! Thank you very much! Great post!

  3. >>what they do to change their state.
    hum.... that's an interesting idea thrown. I shall ponder...

  4. When you think from the end, you have already experienced it, therefore you are already living it. That's what think from the end implies. If you are still desiring it, you remain one who still believes you don't have it, you are still thinking of it. Thinking from the end means you have experienced the first manifestation. Now you marry that version of you and like any marriage you are free to get in bed with something else that contradicts your true desire and you are also free to remain faithful to what you have seen and lived in its first manifestational state. Remember the Law of Correspondence, the Field/Spirit whatever you want to call it will respond/correspond. If you believe you lack it, then you lack it. If you believe you already have it (think from the end) then this too proves out. Beth

  5. Very, very, fantastic comment Beth, so well worded!

  6. am tempted to add the following:
    ...if you are still desiring it, you remain one who still believes you don't have it, you are still thinking of it -

    (for once you have experienced it, you cease to desire it)

    Am tempted to say as well that you must pass the point of having experienced getting what you desire and think about enjoying what you got.

    Say for example your desire is to have a new hair style, experiencing having it may be looking at yourself for the 1st time with the new hair style in the salon. And enjoying it may be imagining playing with your new hair, passing your hand in it, or having your husband passing his hand in your hair several days after.


  7. From my own experience here what else I have to say:

    Neville said that you need (or is best) to induce a state akin to sleep before imagining your desire fulfilled. For me the best time is just as I am waking up as I am still partially sleeping and very much borderline between sleeping and wakefulness

    I imagine/daydream seeing myself in a situation thinking that my desire has already been fulfilled.

    For example I used to get panic attack when I would wake up in the morning. So I what I did was imagine myself driving to work 1 hour after having woken up thinking/pretending that I did wake up relaxed and refreshed without having experienced any panic attack and experiencing a feeling of pleasure.

    So this is akin to imagining a situation where in that situation you think about (kind of reflect) your fulfilled desire as an event that has already occurred, it is already in the past and gives you pleasure/satisfaction.

    I'd coined it as "you are in your future and your fulfilled desire is in the past"

    Also when you are thinking about your fulfilled desire having already occurred, it is not something you can intellectualise. You know it, you have a FEELING of it and it gives you PLEASURE.

    I would say that this feeling of pleasure is not just important but essential.

    Hope my recipe helps


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