Friday, July 31, 2009

Experimenting With Neville

Hi Friends,

Today is Friday. The last day of the month. Let me ask you something? Are you ready? Are you ready for this next month? I don't mean financially or materially. I mean spiritually. Have you committed to make this month better than your last by using Neville's words and applying them?

Are you using any system for yourself or others to experiment in selecting a reality you desire and bring it forth? If you don't have a system or an easy way to continue your studies I suggest the Mastering Neville's Workshops I created at Law of Attraction University under powerful workshops tab. Also Look for Indoma (Dr, Neeta Blair) Workshops In Imagination and Body Resizing. Also I suggest Indoma Workshops in the Dare to Assume Subscription that has also 71 Neville Goddard's Lectures at

So are you taking Neville's words and applying them into your life? So do you consciously do it daily or weekly or even hourly? You can't get too much conscious use of your imagination can you?

To really imagine a new result when appearance are different in what you outwardly see is one of the most noble and praiseworthy acts possible!

Let me tell you of one of my experiments that came to fruition and the reality was brought to me last Sunday again with my Nephew reminding me about his situation in person.

It was May of this year when I heard my sister on the phone tell me that her Son, R, was really sick and had internal bleeding and stomach and back pain for over 2 years. They didn't know what it was and she thought he was going to die if he didn't get the right help. He had been seeing doctors since this started at the emergency room. When I heard her I said to her I will pray for him. Which means - that I will do an imagining where he gets better in a conversation with my sister.

I heard her tell me it they found it and that it wasn't anything serious in my imagination. That was my Experiment.

Result: about 1 month later I was talking with my Sister and I asked about her son, R, and she said they found what it was and it was nothing serious or life threatening. They did find it and clear up in less than 5 days. It would have been serious if they didn't find it.

Now many people would have said "Hey they would have found it anyway" and yet it was going on like that for over 24 months. Until I imagined it changed in my world - then did it change. Can you see the power of your imagination just in my story and experiment?

What is your experiment today? This week? This Month? What will you do to Apply Neville to your life? Tell us about it here. Let us know what your experiments are even if they are small. They all matter!


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