Thursday, July 30, 2009

How has Neville Changed Your Life?


As I look back at how Neville has changed my life, I feel appreciative. I found Neville in May 2002. I felt so pulled to his words and his books. Within just a few months I have read every book and was desiring for much more. The is the start of my odyssey into Neville. I was going through a business failure which was good for me so that I could learn Neville and take the time to start The Neville Project.

As I started experimenting with Neville Goddard's words of wisdom I was astounded at how simple they were and yet profound. I started to wake up myself to the potential I had inside with Abraham-hicks, Ernest Holmes, and Seth (Jane Roberts) books and tapes. When I found Neville it was like someone was singing my favorite song. I just kept reading his books. Eventually I joined a Yahoo Neville Group that had been established two or three years before. I found the same challenges I had with that group as I did with the Abraham group. There were many many what I termed at that time " negative people" participating in them. But they talked about other lectures. I was interested and wrote one of the people who talked about them. I told him that I was really interested in more Neville. After much imagining and some e-mailing he let me in the group. They was two other books that Someone had put together! Wow! I downloaded them and enjoyed them.

Then some Neville lectures were scanned. Some of the older lectures were put them into this group. WOW! I was hooked on Neville lectures too. I couldn't stand reading them all with all the scanned errors and the type face it was in and they weren't all together in one lecture. I wanted to read them straight through so I could get his message and not try to figure what he was saying. So the thing that bugged me became my project to do. Eventually After doing 90 lectures and piecing them together I put them all into PDF format. That is how I started with Neville.

Neville really has given me the words and tools to go for what I truly dreamed about in helping as many people as I felt I could. He helped me take my ideas that weren't getting done and living in the end to complete them. Eventually I kept being told to start recording the lectures on an everyday basis from my spirit and everything came together so I couldn't refuse to start doing them - because all my excuses were taking away! Neville has changed my life in how I look at the Bible as a metaphor and people who represent states instead of history. Makes the bible for me make much more sense than it ever did as a historical document. I have done some things I never thought possible thanks to Neville. I love the idea Imagining Creates Reality!

So how about you? How has Neville changed your life and impacted you?

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