Sunday, August 2, 2009

Is your life bleeding away?

Hi Folks,

We get caught up so much into our lives we forget we only have so many minutes before our earthly pass expires on earth. Earth is as Neville Goddard said "Is a school for your imagination." Now if we operated like that each day how would our life really change?

What if it wasn't about getting the partner, the money, the job, the business, the lessons learned and it really was about using your imagination consciously? It was more about having love and faith to create a new reality that is hidden in only your invisible world inside of you?

It does take love and faith to create a new reality on the outside when appearances speak so loudly when you observe things you don't want or desire.

The other day I asked one of my relatives how she was and her reply was "surviving". Now that is a state she is describing but it is also what she claims as hers at that moment. Now I make no judgment whatever state she is in. I really hope every eye reaching this page and reading this words never use these words if you know that those words create your reality.

If you use "surviving" change it to "good". If it is "good" change it to "great!" If it is fine change it to excellent! Words coming from your mouth have a narrative power that creates that reality. Try it. Experiment with different words. Try these words out when someone asks you how you are doing? Perfect. Couldn't Get any Better. Wonderful! Excellent! Fantastic and getting better! Adventurous! Excited! Loved! Amazing! Terrific! Or anything else that you like. Just saying them creates an energy within you - a state. Try it out loud.

Each day you have a narrative in your head about what things mean. Whether you really take things as good or bad is up to that narrative. Now if you realize that you are in control of that narrative morning, noon, and night how would you change it so your life is more amazing than it is now?

What narrative or story do you want to stop, give up, and let go or been excited to try?

It was interesting talking to some of my family members recently as we visited. I had a certain family member describe a person in their immediately family as a description. I had heard this person do that almost every time they talked of this person. The narrated who they were to themselves and what they were capable of.

Have you ever done that? I know I have of myself when I get in a new relationship I had to tell this person who I was by my description. I was almost afraid if I didn't describe myself in the way I did she wouldn't get who I was. Have you ever done that? I do it other times with unfamiliar new people in my life too. Just not to the degree I did the narrative about me to a potential girlfriend. Makes me go hmmm.

Most people never entertain anything beyond their senses even people who claim to be religious or have a certain faith. They are so rooted in the idea of sickness or death they don't even realize that they have an option called faith. Their faith extends sometimes just barely past the visible. Many people have liked the pragmatic approach. Don't go out of your comfort zone! Don't actually believe you can heal yourself or another. Don't believe anything past your five senses - you might offend the Almighty. Be realistic! Get real! Face reality!

Your challenge for the day is to have faith and love something that isn't seen today. To believe it in to existence. A great Neville lecture about "believing it in" is

So don't go for what is already real go for what you desire to be real. Make it real by your inside narrative and let your self thrive in its end game of having it already! pretend if you have to.

Your passions and excitement lies in selecting a new reality outside your past expectations and desires. Creating a reality you desire today starts with the idea of it. Then the narrative. Then the love of it. Then the faith it will come into fruition! Believe it in!

What are your thoughts?

Is this something you can practice?

What is your story?

What is your new narrative you might want to try out here?

Make your life one that you create and don't let it bleed away on something you don't desire. Your life blood is practicing using your imagination today. Not tomorrow. Today. Start now.


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  1. very very positive words, very uplifting.
    Bless you.



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