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The Art of Dying

Hi Friends,

What is the art of dying? many people want to know the art of living first. I believe learning the art of dying will led you to living in a better more clean way. Able to forgive and forget the past. In the bible there is a narrative about a man named Lot and his wife. It was about Lot believing there was one righteous person in the city and God saying there wasn't. Now if you take it that these names or characters are not real people and just states as Neville Goddard has taught you then you get a different understanding of this story.

Now when Lot looked back on the city after God told them not to and she turns to salt we get a narrative that teaches us that when you leave a place or state and continue visit it whether in your imagination or your vision that you preserve that state with salt. Salt is a preservative. When Lot's wife looks back she preserves the state she just left and reanimates it within her. She preserves it. So it is a little like being lukewarm going into a state. You say "Well maybe I want this and then but maybe I really want that. Neville's brilliant lectures gives us these concepts to ponder.

"Take this simple one in Paul's letters to the Corinthians: “I die daily,” or Blake’s statement in his letter to Crab Robinson: “Death is the best thing in life. There is nothing in life like death, but people take such a long time in dying. At least, their neighbors never see them rise from the grave.” If you understood Blake you would not think of death as the world thinks of death, but you would see that no one can grow without out­growing. But man is not willing to outgrow, [and] yet he wants other things than those he has. But if you remain in one state, you will forever have to suffer the consequences of not being in another state. (From the “Hermetica”)
If I remain in the state of poverty, I must suffer the consequences of not being in the state of wealth. So I must learn the art of dying. Paul says: “I die daily.” Blake says: “People take such a long time in dying.” Man does not outgrow his state of ill health or his old job or his environment. We must learn the art of dying, and this week is the great death and we are told that God dies that man may live."

So to really go towards the reality you desire you must let go of your past state, past girlfriend, past spouse, past lover, past house, past life, past associations, past history of yourself, past stories of yourself, past narratives about yourself. Just let it all go now.

You must let the dead bury the dead which means to me that you put it in the grave once. You and I don't go back and resurrect the state again and again because its comfortable. And walk out of the state never to return unless it is desirable to do so. And we have a tendency to do that don't we? Now if you buried a loved one you don't go back and dig them up and try to resurrect their body and maybe even try to animate it again so they can live again do you? We resurrect them in our memories - the good the bad, and the ugly. We can remember them anyway you choose.

I have been studying memories of people and myself over the last few years because our memories are so powerful to our lives. How we experience them makes you more alive or more dead inside. If you remember good things from the past you are more hopeful, more faith filled, and looking forward towards more life. If you remember bad things from your past you are less hope filled, less excited to live, and have less energy to live.

Interesting. Is that in ten minutes after I get to the core of a belief with a coaching client I can re-frame what something means to a client and their world changes readily. So if you believe you can't do something and I point out you are already doing it in other areas of your life or even show you how much you control your outcomes by how you think - then I can change the way you look at your memory. Once how you look at that memory and then it can mean or represent something different to you. Once real changes occur of the past you rarely if ever revisit it with any belief that stops you any longer. Isn't that cool? Nod your head and say "Yes, that's cool, Gary.

Playing with your memories is fun because they are so plastic. Brain research shows that every time you visit a memory you change it. If you are in a bad mood and you remember fondly a loved one who smiled at you or said something nice to you - you can enhance the memory or you can make the memory different than it was based on what you say, feel, or see in that mood.

As an example. I was drinking my normal protein drink from Bolthouse Mocha something when I visited my mom's house and my mom saw it. She, I guess read the label and chided me on it having coffee in it. Which I didn't know or really cared to remember. She doesn't believe that anyone should drink coffee because of the caffeine in it and her religious beliefs. Now when I tasted it almost right after I realized it tasted different - that her opinion affected how I tasted the drink with the new information that I didn't realize. Just her opinion. Now normal I wouldn't care or even notice much about it. But after she said that I literally liked it at least 35-40% less than what it previously was for me before she spoke.

That was in less than 1 minute that I had a decrease of liking 35-40% of this drink. My memory of the taste without even trying changed my taste for it was changed with her comment. Now consciously make an effort to increase my liking for it which I have since then. Now later I programmed me again to like it based on choice.

This reminds of Tony Robbins recording on Quantity Qualifiers. We can do an internal rearranging of taking things ( or thoughts of things) in our life and making them better just by imagining them to be different. He asked his friends and their children to try out this idea he had and proved that you can increase any experience of something by just thinking thoughts of it differently - or imaginally. You could take something you dislike and make it a +5 or something you love and make it a -4 just by what you imagined about it. Or make something you like a +10. It really is your world in how you see, feel, and hear it. Tony would ask the question how would you make this a +10 experience for you or a -5 experience for you.

Then they would tell him something they would have to believe as true or think is true. One person who had a +7 experience with a canned soda pop drink asked how he could make it a +10 and if I remember right he said he would have to believe it is the last one. The he grabbed it out of Tony's hand to drink it. All he need was the thought to make it so desirable. Have you ever done that?

So what do I want you to get is this. You control your world with what you think. With what you believe. With what you feel. So if you think on the past as bad or that you had a rotten childhood because of ____________. You are dead just not yet buried. It it is no problem if you or I are there in the past because we can learn now that we can think, feel. see it differently and die to what you once and I were or what we had. You and I have the right to resurrect a new state that we want to enter into easily. Just let go of the state you outgrew to enter into the state, scene, or narrative you truly desire.

Another part of Neville's Lecture you might really like is he speaks about the power you and I have. "We say that the Imagination of God and man are one, no matter how far it goes. Universes are created and sustained by "the same power that sustains our environment.” We say the power is the same, but we recognize a vast difference between the power that sustains the universe and that which sustains an environment. The difference is only is in the degree of intensity of the center of imagining. So, if we increase the intensity [in] the center of imagining, we will create greater and greater things. So I see my dream, and I must learn to die to what I AM in order to live to what I want to be."

So revise the memories of it. Play out the past with purposeful perfection. Just give yourself in that timeline all of the right resources right before the incident or thing you desire to revise. Now take back your power. Now!

Then let it go and forgive the past feelings of energy to embrace your next evolving life and state you desire to live in. You can preserve the past by looking back and look like Lot's wife a pillar of salt or you can move into the state your ready to live in now.

Want to die to the past? Let it go. Let the past selves die to the new you - the you that you desire to walk with and you imagine are. Just do it! When your past selves come calling! Tell them to go to h__l or any appropriate thought or mantra whenever the past selves might rear the temptation to look back at who you once were!

Its normal for your neurons in your head to want to keep firing their past wiring down the same pathways AND you know who you are! Whichever gets the most attention in your brain wins! And you choose which path your brain gets to take from now on. You can do it! Say I remember when I was that person who I didn't want to be any longer and NOW I let the dead bury the dead and I have a new life with all that I desire!

No matter what the circumstances or position or conditions you are the molder of the energy inside of you. You can change the state your in in less than 10 seconds. Start laughing for no reason no matter where you are and see how many people want to join you.

Start a laugh for no reason 3 minutes at work and see how you can really make the day be more fun and more productive. (see ) Now do that every hour for three minutes and see how really productive your employees become!

Life is for moving forward and taking it by the proverbial horns and riding it like crazy! Your life is not meant to be small if your reading these words!

Live BIG! Be who you know you are!

Dream Big! Look to your most optimistic future now! There really is never a better time to be alive!

Believe in You!

Gary Nordgren

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