Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Power of Your Smile

Have you thought about the power of your intentional smile?

What if you timed yourself and smiled for 5 minutes straight? How would that change your vibration? Your mood? Your desire to feel good? Would you have a different outlook about your day?

Do you take a time each day to feel that you have what you desire though it isn't yet in your life? Do you get in the mood to feel good each day and feel you have what you desire already. How would that change your feeling towards your life?

From Neville Goddard's lecture Catch The Mood #445

"What’s wrong with asking for anything in this world for another that you would ask for yourself? Is there anything wrong in being secure? Nothing. Anything wrong in being clean and wholesome and decent? Anything wrong in being one who contributes to the world’s good? What’s wrong with that? Is there anything wrong in being happily married, proud of the girl who bears your name, or she proud of the man whose name she bears? What is wrong with that?

Forget that. The whole vast world is a field to reap. You don’t pick out this woman or that woman. Pick out the state. I want to be blissfully happy, and if I were, how would I see the world? And how would the world see me? Well, shut out the world and go within and appropriate that state. And from within, you let your friends see you, as they would have to see you if what now you are assuming that you are is really true."

and more

"So, will you actually give it the tones of reality? Will you actually, first of all, believe that the God that you now worship as something without, actually exists within you as your own wonderful human imagination? If you will believe that, and not think me blasphemous for telling it and think me something accursed for having spoken it – but may I tell you, I hope for your sake you will believe it. But really, in my heart of hearts, whether you believe it or not, I am not concerned, because the day will come you will have to believe it, because you will experience it. If only I can aid you to hasten the day – that’s why I am here. But to actually say I am going to hit you over the head and make you believe it – no. I am not indifferent to your believing it; I can only appeal to you to believe it for your own good, that you may take whatever you have and transcend it by the use of this Law.

Whatever you have in this world, may I tell you, no one is really satisfied! I dined well today, but tomorrow I am going to be hungry. And hunger is forever with man, and God is the ultimate satisfaction of hunger, but that has not yet come upon the majority."

See http://www.nevillelecturehall.com/Neville-Lecture-445-CATCH-THE-MOOD-No-Date.html for more of this wonderful lecture.

So what mood do you want to catch? What mood do you now want to occupy? Do you watch or listen to the news and accept it as real and the facts of reality or do you turn them around by changing what you heard? Do you catch the mood of the solution of the past facts and accept them as real?

If you knew, absolutely knew you could change this worlds by your imaginal acts what would you do? What mood would you tend to be in? One of victim hood or an awakened victor rising to catch the mood you desire?

Would you smile from ear to ear because you now know that you are the only being that can control what you put into your consciousness and what you can imagine for yourself?

You are the operant power of this thing called consciousness. So whether you are putting prosperity or imprisonment of conditions you believe are all powerful you and you alone control your reality.

What mood do you want to catch today?

Today I will affirm the happy mood, the joyous mood, the productive mood, the prosperous mood, the beautiful mood of being in love! Today I will smile!

What mood will you enter into today? Will you change your mood with a 5 minute smile today?


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