Friday, August 14, 2009

Why A New Neville Blog?

As I was thinking of what blog name I had used for the other blog I decided it need to be different and not a copy of the Indoma's and my yahoo group's name of Applying Neville. I think that name is a fantastic name and the group is amazing. I wanted this blog to be a place where all are welcome to discover more about Neville's principles without that same name for this blog. And I want more people to find it when they are looking for Neville on their web searches. Now obviously if it is inactive it won't be found. I really want this to be an interactive blog where you can comment, tells us what you do to change the results you are getting and even not getting. Confirm the things I am writing about as the co-author of this blog with you the other co-author of this blog. This really is for you and I to come talk of our experiences of practical application of Neville's principles today. If you have topic you want to address or want me to address let me know.

This will be a good start to begin again here! Sorry about the switch-o-roo for those who previously registered. I think this will be a much better blog with the name change and the new direction we'll be taking it together.


Gary Nordgren

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