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Fashion, Passion, Compassion

As we gawk at the glamour of runway models and see the beauty that sells the "new fashion" product. We typically just see the outside of the model. We forget that the internal dialogue got her to where she is walking down a isle in front of hundreds, thousands or possibly millions of people.

These beautiful models have to start somewhere. Some are discovered. Some have had a deep desire to model from an early age, and some find out what they can do it because of their beauty and style wins the hearts of those around and presents the path to them.

Now as the beauty fades from a youthful glow and turns into a more mature experienced beauty these models reinvent themselves to serve a bigger cause or in different communities. They become actresses, make exercise or diet products, become moms, create their very own fashion lines of clothing, purses, perfumes, etc. that gets them into multiple ways to express themselves.

Some who are models are passionate about being a fashion model, some are not. The glamour doesn't make all people equally happy or feel any kind of emotion. What they believe about being a model in fashion industry does.

Many people see a beautiful looking person in a magazine or in person and practically worships the idea of them, lusts after them in some way, or are infatuated with them. They appear to be rich and beautiful so that must mean that they are happy, satisfied, and have a wonderful life.

We assume these people are certain things by what we see from our perspective. Remember we are placing value on things that we know little or nothing about if we are not in the modeling world.

Sometimes we can't help compare our lives to those who we might look up to or think they have something more than we might have. That is normal. That is until you realize that being someone else is not really all that satisfying...ever. Being you and becoming more of the God self that you are and in your own authentic expressions from creating through your passions leads you to a happier life.

If there is a passion that you'd like to do that you are not currently pursuing - will you take a moment to notice it now – what it is or what might be. Just take a few minutes out of your busy life to connect with yourself and what matters to you. Your passion is something that makes you feel like a kid and time flies so fast when your doing it. You’d do it for free and you do it because it makes you feel good!

Make list on some paper or your computer what your passions are or might be.
Once you have a list or at least one thing then you'd want to really feel out aspects of it like this. Take a paper and do what we call a mind map as in the link below.


After you have one or more passions written down take a long look at them. What would it be like if these passions were a part of your life everyday? Contemplate that for a few minutes. How could you take on one or more of them and start to live these passions now?

Part of living your passions is getting great joy from them. As you put them into your life they become even a greater way to live than without them.

People have to want to live a greater life to truly tap into what their passions could be if they don’t know. The discover of your passions and the installing them into your life is quite thrilling. Sometimes when you start making your passions come true you have doubts about why you didn’t start living your passions much sooner than you did. If you still don’t know what your passions are – guess. If not then just open yourself up to knowing. Just say out loud to the Universe or the inside listener “I would like my passions to reveal to me as soon as possible. Thank you for granting my request!” It will come. Look for it.

As you start to live your passions which requires you to let go of the past imperfect performances and have compassion for yourself without reservation. Many people who start living their dreams sometimes find they are judging themselves for not living their dreams sooner because it was so easy to get started. Have no fear this is a process not an event.

As you embrace your passions and compassion for yourself you’ll find a freedom seldom felt before. You will have a better instinct for going more towards your good. You’ll find that compassion for yourself might start with you but will extend to others easily once you give it to yourself.

As you are more tuned into your passions and what you feel purpose doing you then can imagine greater things for yourself. Each state you claim consciously helps you climb to another level and you see and feel more than ever before. Each level of your awareness helps you expand beyond it. You see farther at each awareness level.

Let go of your excuses and start to live your passion changes your life course. Even thinking and feeling you have some conscious control over the consequences in your life can be life altering. Realizing that when you see your “truth” from the inside and feel it to be true on the outside – it becomes a reality.

Two quotes from Lynne McTaggart: Author of The Intention Experiment and Living The Field.

“So the implications are that observation, even after the fact, determines the final outcome. The observer entirely controls whether that which is observed comes into being – at any point in time.”

“As Wheeler once noted in 2006, two years before he died: ‘We are participators in bringing into being not only the near and here but the far away and long ago.’ In his fertile imagination, he even imagined the entire universe as one giant wave in need of observation to have brought it into being. In this instance, perhaps the observer will turn out to be God (Imagination).”
Added Imagination with parenthesis by Gary Nordgren.

As the first quote from Lynne McTaggart has us thinking as Neville has shown us in written word and lectures in so many ways,
“Remain faithful to your assumption, and that Being who is going to erupt in you will take you to that end. If you find yourself moving from your fulfilled desire, go back to it, and once more assume the feeling of the wish fulfilled. Do this and your assumption will harden into fact.”

Lecture #118 – Neville 05/06/1969

“I would try to sustain it without effort, that is, I would live and act as though it were already a fact, knowing that as I walk in this fixed attitude my assumption will harden into fact.”

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“An assumption will harden into fact. If an assumption creates its own reality then there is no such thing as fiction. I may forget what I assumed today and when it appears I may not recognize my own harvest, but it could not enter my world had I not brought it in by an imaginal act.”

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Observing something from the inside by assuming it definitely follows and confirms the first quote from Lynne McTaggart. Revising something that has happen changes the reality as the first quote suggests brings it into being. Can you believe this reality you imagined is true even after the facts presented themselves on the outside?

These quotes are not talking about some superman or superwoman – it is talking of humans. That means you. You have this power that Neville says you have and the several of brightest scientific minds has agreed also with their studies in the last 40 years. That means you can create reality even with revision. You can observe something on the inside no matter whether it is in the past or the present you can create it and bring it out of nothing by imagining the outcome you desire on the inside.

Neville thought of the words Jesus Christ, God, Imagination, I AM, to be interchangeable with each other as meaning the same thing. As you read the second Lynne McTaggart quote above putting in Imagination it makes it much more powerful to our subject I think.

Imagining what you desire forgives you about your past results. It forgives the state that you no longer are in. Your state dictates your fortune! Letting yourself have the state you’d prefer on the inside seems like trickery at first until you experience your own reconstruction of mental images coming to life on the outside world. Let the truth begin even if it seems like trickery!

It’s a thrill when you realize your first experience of imagining some experience into reality. When you continue to busy your brain in image making in imagination and all the while expecting state changing results you are beginning to know you are HE. HE who would can affect His world by imagining movement from within!

You become what I call the master over yourself. You start to imagine and reality changes more and more rapidly as you believe you can affect reality. As you are become more and more aware of who you are you start to awake to the real you of power, love, and kindness! You can’t help but become your brothers keeper and see, hear, know, and feel others peoples lives improve to a more lovelier life for them. You imagine your brother or into stranger into a new state and they go into eventually. You imagine your relatives to be in a happier, healthier, and richer states and they start improving their attitude and their states right in front of you if you see them often enough!

You now know that if you don’t look back and see others any better or valuable than you because you now know you can use your imagination to enter into your own spot. As you embrace your passions – the things you love to do. Go ahead and give yourself some self-compassion for all the things you didn’t do in the past or did do that you decided you shouldn’t have done. Let go of any energy that doesn’t make you feel good about you with compassion. If you need to revise the past situations or conditions do that. Learn from your past what is valuable for the future and let all else go.

Take a few seconds and imagine the ideal images, voices, feeling you’d prefer to have running through your senses. Persuade yourself that this new ideal situation is the real scene from the past. Your memory will support that since our memories are easily plastic. In fact every time you remember a past situation you change the memory of it! So at least give yourself what the most ideal condition would have been and dial that up in one or more of your senses.

So afterwards check yourself. Think about the past situation. Does it feel the same or has it changed? If it still is not neutral or positive for you dial up your senses again and engage one or more of them and over ride the past situation with the idealized situation or condition.

So lets say someone told you that you weren’t very smart and you have played that in your head and feelings way too long. Imagine what you’d want that person to say to you. Make it first and foremost believable to you. So maybe an ideal thing that they would have said instead would be “At first glance at you I thought you weren’t very smart then I realized that with a little applying yourself you can be as smart as you want to be.” Or “You know I prejudged you to not be very smart but once I got to know you I found you are very smart and capable to handle anything that comes your way!”

If you see things happening to you from the outside take another snapshot. Make it exactly the ideal action you’d prefer in the scene from the past so you can blow the past images away with a strong powerful, bright, up close image.

Use whatever sense you have going on in the scene and scramble it. Play it backwards ten times really fast. Put clowns feet on the person who would be the person that might have been ignorant of your true potential of your unlimited capacity. Put a clowns nose on them. Make them look and act funny. Then pop them into a gorilla outfit and pop them into a cows outfit and then pop them into a hot dog bun’s outfit walking around trying to stay standing up. See them keep falling down and getting up. In fact slow them down so slow it is comical to you. Make their speech slow. Make their mind slow. Make them looked confused. Now put a dunce hat on them or put them in a Santa suit and see kid after kid very fast sitting on their lap and see every kid peeing on their lap. See their mouth sewed up like in the Matrix where Neo couldn’t talk. See them struggle and wonder what is going on and why they can’t talk. Looking at you in horror and the only thing that can come out of their mouth is positive about you.

See you have the power over the images or the moving picture – you can change every aspect of it with whatever you can imagine. Change the feelings about the past with revision. It doesn’t have to be serious unless you insist has to be that way. Make the revising as fun as you want it to be!

So take it upon yourself whether you look at the fashion of the world and see good or your passions and see life giving blood to pour avalanches of compassion on yourself to be who you need to be in each moment to create the next moment. Know you are the creator of yourself and give yourself a ton of love, compassion, and room for growing from one state, life, circumstance, or condition to the more ideal one you’d prefer! Just know you sitting there can do this. There is no special blood you need or tons of training. You already are master at creating your life. Now just become conscious of doing it. Choose a more ideal life for you in the coming year of 2010 and decide you will be what and who you want to be!

Gary Nordgren

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