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We do it too often.

We go through life finding ourselves looking for help on the outside.

When we look for help on the outside we are looking for a second cause of our lives?

So what are second causes?


It is where you believe that anything other than you is responsible for your life and is the cause of what has been created thus far in it.

We tend to learn to believe something on the outside is to blame or is at cause for our challenges or circumstances. How could we be responsible for everything that has transpired in our lives? We didn’t consciously choose that failure or that random act of violence did we?  

It is where you could believe that – possibly a God outside of yourself is punishing you or testing you or giving you what you desire based on your deserve-ability or worthiness or something you have to earn by doing something to please the outside higher power. It could be that you feel that you are the victim of circumstance or conditions. Where something causes you to react or create the life you don’t want or like.

Second causes are always easy to use to blame others or other things especially when you grow up not knowing the law or the Law of Attraction principles or ideas.


As I grew up in a very strict religious background I found myself believing that God was testing me with every temptation and I was totally unworthy of the goodness I was taunted with. A good life, a good home. a good wife. a good bank account, good friends, etc. etc.. If I didn’t get them it sure that it was my fault because I wasn’t worthy or sinned in someway for Heavenly Father etc etc.

I was taught that God was letting "Satan" tempt me everyday in every way. That he had millions of invisible followers that were energetically shouting at me to commit “sin”.  All my power seemed to be coming from God.  My power and the causes of my life was on the outside of me according to the experts I grew up listening to – who of course had my best interest at heart, right? Right?

I believed that I was not strong because I was taught that I was not strong. Especially not strong enough to pass temptation after temptation without someone else’s help on the outside of me spoon feeding me the power to do so. The church I grew up said it was “Christ Jesus” who I had to rely on. But then I was told that I couldn’t pray to him specifically because I had to go through the Father. I thought this was weird when I heard it.


Little did I know the brain washing I was taught was that I was weak and needed other people who were in superior positions to me. They taught I needed authority figures in my life. Which were the authority figures in my life. When authority figures sells you on their authority as legitimate you have to wonder why they are screaming so loudly about respecting them and listening to them. Obviously you have a need for parents or someone like them to take care of your person as you are a baby since you can’t physically take care of yourself.
I found as I got older I was waiting to ask permission to live my own life.  I needed God, the parents and the church leadership to make me less of a sinner. Practical waiting for permission to breathe it felt like.

Supposedly from what I learned as a young person all real power resided with others. Or so I was educated.  The power never was in me. The power to be saved or redeemed I was taught was in my doing a good job of begging to be saved, helped, or to be worthy to have the desires of my heart. And who was teaching me these things? Church leadership and family, friends, teachers etc.. Did I agree with them? Just as long as there wasn’t anything else to contradict the info in my experience – I didn’t know any different. Have you been there too?

Now if you have gone down this same path or close to it you came to find those beliefs were just plain ole’ HOGWASH!  Some, might call it “off the mark” or “a sin” or what I would call F. B.S.

F.B.S, equals False Belief Systems.

I was caught in a system that I was taught those beliefs that said I was a sinner from birth or in my case after 8 years old. Now it was a great system to grow up to….escape….so that I had some scriptural knowledge of the bible so when I happen upon Neville years later I would get many of his ideas I was exposed to quicker than if I hadn’t been exposed to the Bible.


Now as I believed in my earlier years “in temptation” I would avoid it and do everything not to have it in my life. Then when temptation came in any area I would fervently pray day after day to escape it. Today I look back and see what I bought into – and it proves to me with hindsight that what Neville and Blake says is really true –

“what seems to be seems to be”.

I believed it in as Neville has spoken about in one of his lectures. I believed certain things were a temptation and felt wrong or evil because I had a desire to partake of them. And still when I didn’t partake I still felt that guilt from considering it or “being tempting.” As this Neville quote will explain to you that when you believe something you actually believe it is that way - because “it seems to be” that way. So I bought energetically into it as the truth because I imagined what I was “being tempted” was true. So it seem to be that is was true – I just had no idea I was creating reality along with it as I imagined it into being!  Have you ever done this?

 Now lets go to Neville’s quote.

Radio Lecture #05 - Neville - Station KECA, L.A.    07/1951

“We see by this that it is not superior insight but purblindness that reads into the greatness of men some littleness with which it chances to be familiar, for what seems to be, is, to those to whom it seems to be.
Experiments recently conducted at two of our leading universities revealed this great truth about the law of assumption. They stated in their releases to the newspapers, that after two thousand experiments they came to the conclusion that, “What you see when you look at something depends not so much on what is there as on the assumption you make when you look. What you believe to be the real physical world is actually only an assumptive world.” In other words, you would not define your husband in the same way that your mother would. Yet, you are both defining the same person. Your particular relationship to a thing influences your feelings with respect to that thing and makes you see in it an element which is not there. If your feeling in the matter is a self-element; it can be cast out. If it is a permanent distinction in the state considered, it cannot be cast out. The thing to do is to try. If you can change your opinion of another, then what you now believe of him cannot be absolutely true, but relatively true.
Men believe in the reality of the external world because they do not know how to focus and condense their powers to penetrate its thin crust. Strangely enough, it is not difficult to penetrate this view of the senses. To remove the veil of the senses, we do not employ great effort; the objective world vanishes as we turn our attention from it. We have only to concentrate on the state desired to mentally see it; but to give reality to it so that it will become an objective fact, we must focus our attention upon the desired state until it has all the sensory vividness and feeling of reality. When, through concentrated attention, our desire appears to possess the distinctness and feeling of reality; when the form of thought is as vivid as the form of nature, we have given it the right to become a visible fact in our lives. Each man must find the means best suited to his nature to control his attention and concentrate it on the desired state. I find for myself the best state to be one of meditation, a relaxed state akin to sleep, but a state in which I am still consciously in control of my imagination and capable of fixing my attention on a mental object.”

I believed in who taught me and what they taught mostly. I believed in my parents teachings. I believed the churches teachings that I was brought up in. With these beliefs I found my life to be very limited and very much full of the same exact cycle of growth over and over again. I noticed my pattern was one of going around in a circle and then ended up having to being forgive for something small or big. I almost always felt like I had to start over and wasn’t really making any progress ever.

As I was growing up I didn’t seem to be able to break out of the repeated cycle and felt stymied. Until I went beyond and set new intentions beyond what I was taught and then did I learn new things about what I could do.

I went to a lecture by another guy named Gary that my friend Laurie invited me to. He spoke on spiritual things I believed and I didn’t even realize that I believed until I heard what he said. I walked into three obstacles without hurting myself when I was there because I was so dazed during the break and after because I was in shock that I found others believed like I did – even though I didn’t really know I believed that way from within before.

I recognized the truth for me when I heard it and then I believed it.  Have you had an experience
like that before?


Once I started smashing through some of those ideas and beliefs I grew up with about temptation and guilt I then started to realize other things just don't work like I was working them. When younger I would pray to the God above I thought in a Heaven and would feel good about it but very little happened during or after many of those prayers.

Occasionally when I had some intense desire as I was praying it would come true. I remember a particular instance when the power went off at my parents house. I prayed for the power to be on and as soon as I was done praying within minutes it came back on. Now some might say it would have happened anyway. My prayer was filled with a faith of a young man that believed I could pray the power back on and it came back on.

As I got older people taught me in the church by saying “If something didn’t come true then you weren’t worthy of getting it or that you were asking for the wrong thing.” How silly to judge ourselves unworthy when we are part of the Universe and yet we still do it out of habit to please others. I know when I was searching for what worked when I was a younger man I just don’t know who I am trying to please any more. I realized it was the elusive “they”. Watch out for “they” because “they can be around the next corner.


Most of us just weren’t taught about the feeling nature of all ourselves or using our senses to communicate to the universe by an internal universal code we all share.

What you believe the Universe does is because you give it what you believe. The Universe loves you so much it gives you exactly what you assume, believe, and expect as a mirror of your inner feelings and inner experiences. It loves you not in a romantic sense but with an unconditional sense that sometimes we can’t even fathom how the Universe really responds to us.

Make no mistake The Universe responds to every experienced feeling or thought you feel and think.

And yet the Universe gave us all feelings and senses we have and that brings us everything we desire by sensing or experiencing them first. How uncomplicated. And yet we like to make it complicated at every turn.

And then again, I and maybe even you still might have the traditions of our past teachers and instructions in minds and hearts that we still perform our habitual ways even though we KNOW better. So we have to move past the things that don’t work - to really have what we desire to be in our lives.

Have you ever experienced where you know what to do but habit takes over and you feel like you can’t escape the auto pilot automation of past recurrences?

Have you ever lived a day and felt like you had lived it already over and over before?

I had an experience once when I was really yearning to be in a persons life as a love interest and after a many weeks of that I felt like I had done this in other lifetimes over and over again. Some times we just do something over and over because of a habitual way of thinking,

The way I learned to pray was this formula when I was young. 1) Pray to Father in Heaven. 2) Be Thankful 3) Ask for what you want 4) end in the name of Jesus Christ and say Amen.

Now let’s explore the difference in how I pray today. See and feel your self in this too. How did you learn to pray and compare the difference to what the Universal law requires us to do.   1) Know what I want and 2) Accept it as mine already by imagining a scene of what I desire is already here over and over again until it comes into reality.

Most of my prayers before were unheard because I was beginning and begging from a place of lack. Instead of Thanking my Father for bringing the desired goal to me. When I started creating intentions and holding myself in that space of receiving the intention then usually they came true in the near future. Sometimes within hours; some times within days.

When I discovered Abraham's (Abraham-Hicks) first green book I practiced a part of that which was on page 12 where you write on a piece of paper “I intend to receive” things you want and write all the reasons for receiving it. Consider it done.  And ALL my intentions came true exactly as I had desired them.

After that I tried so hard to make it work that I failed because I kept feeling it wasn’t happening. Little did I know that I was preventing it from manifesting because I kept putting lack into life by missing it “already being” there instead of imagining it being there and feeling the thrill of having it!

A few years later when I came upon Neville Goddard books and lectures and started practicing the law again and getting differing results. I seemed to forget what I could do from before as I applied what I did from the Abraham-Hicks green book exercises. So I forgot my power and it would take much longer to manifest my desires and had only vary degrees of success.

Time went on and I started working on The Neville Project restoring Neville’s Lectures and his wisdom. I would try something else from what I learned from his lectures and that would came true in small ways. I finally decided to use the law or imagining to prove the Law once and for all worked or didn’t work.


I’ll use a friend that I will call Ben. Everything I imagined for him came true – every single time. When I taught him what I was doing he used it and created a motorcycle part he didn’t order coming in an order he place. He wanted it but decided he wouldn’t get it at this time on this order. But he felt or imagined it on his motorcycle any way while thinking of the part. The part showed up in the order he placed. No Explanation. No Cost. Just the part he imagined on his bike.

Notice how the universe delivered to his door step what he felt.  He would play slot machines and come away with thousands and at one point if I remember right he brought home a jackpot of $22,000 the third time he felt the money was his.

As I discovered after this experience I wasn't really imagining with much belief or not much. I then started to put some more belief or conviction into it. So I started to imagine more about the things I wanted to prove I could manifest or bring about in a physical result and reality from within.

Have you gotten to this point yet where you can manifest for yourself or others consistently? It is so thrilling as you do!  

Have you practiced this a little  - feeling at least until you believe there is a possibility – even a small possibility – that until you believe what you desire is yours imaginally?

This is one of the keystones to all having the material and spiritual life that you desire!

There is only one cause for the phenomena of life. That cause is God. Housed in you, God is a person in the most literal sense of the word. Believe me, for I know this from experience. God, the only creator, is pure imagination working in the depth of your soul. God began a good work in you and He will bring it to completion on the day God's creative power is unveiled in you! God's creative power and wisdom is defined in scripture as Christ. When Christ unveils himself in you, you will know you are God's power and God's wisdom.
God, your own wonderful human imagination, underlies all of your faculties, including perception, and streams into your surface mind least disguised in the form of creative, productive fantasy. When you ask yourself what you can do to transcend your present limitation of life, you are dwelling upon the means. God does not ask you to consider the means, but to define the end.”


"Therefore, Imagination, to me, is a person." Quote from #350 IMAGINATION, MY SLAVE 02/13/1967

As you look to the invisible – you’ll find an invisible man within you. He is there as your imagination. He represents humanity as the “I AM” in spirit and creative power. Understand what Neville realized  - that Christ, God, Imagination, Jesus, Jehovah and the Potter are all interchangeable words to Neville – and they mean the exact same thing to him – Creative Power and Wisdom of God or your human imagination.

Creative power is activated as you imagine something to be true.  It forms the desire of the imagining on the outside as real for you to see, touch, and feel. It manifests in the physical world with your belief. Without your belief in it – it would not ever be born.

When you look around your life and see results or feedback that you don’t like realize that the Universe - the One Song, is only delivering to you what you believed as possible and probably to you and your world.

Every thing you perceive is within. Every person, mountain, pop can, automobile, condition, obstacle, delights, struggles, and loves in your life all first and foremost started with you and your intention through your attention. Whether you structured it with a willing focus or an unaware focus you brought them to life.

For a minute imagine if we had space travel as normal mode of transportation for our world. Let’s say you could reach out to a planet two billion millions away and safely arrive through a type of Star Trek beam? And if the cost were no more than $100 to do this. Of course there are risks in any travel but they have found that beam travel to be less accidental risky than any other way of traveling.

Would you explore the other worlds that are mapped in the beaming technology charter?

Let’s further suppose you went to a world were you went from 150 lbs of weight on Earth to weighing of 40 lbs on that world. Would you go just to feel what it is like? Would you go and experience it for yourself? Just for the experience? Just for the fun? Just for the adventure?

Now when you consciously choose an avenue or a direction it happens in a split second. The choice is made and sometimes we didn’t realize that there was even a gap in between to you in making a real choice.


Perception is that way. You start making up perceptions not realizing that you have defined the perception and framed the perception through habit. And instead of the knowing the gap exists as a choice in time where we are choosing what it means and what it doesn’t mean.

The meaning you attach to things, people, goals, places are all made up from what it seems to be to YOU!

Until you see you for who you are then it will stay more of the same.

The “what” of your life “seems to be” and then the “what” continues down the river of your perception as “what seems to be.”  Follow me here to take this further just think about something from your past that you thought was a certain way. And then later you found out it wasn’t that way at all. As long as you thought it was a certain way it held “a reality” of what seems to be. Once you learn something new or different that contradicted what you believed you had to re-examine what seems to be. Once you changed it then the new something appeared to be what seems to be.  

Every day you travel along your brain’s neurons and electrical pathways inputting what things mean and what your experience of it means to you. Habit and reoccurrence create “what seems to be” until you stop looking at the surface of your life.

You must go underneath to the creation of your life to find out that you are creating everything in it. You structure your limitations by the structure of your beliefs, intent, assumptions, and acceptance of what you think is possible.

The drama’s, the comedies, the tears of sadness, of happiness, and every emotion you have is based on that underlying inner conversation of meanings and decidings of your beliefs and imaginings.  

Who coded what things means for you? Habit? Parents? Past experience? Past lives? Your personality? What actually created the meaning of what things mean as you perceive something on the outside of yourself? Could it be….You?

So let’s go back to our space travel experience idea. Think of someone who always has to be the most picked on victim you know. Think of them at the end of a two minute journey through the beaming technology landing them safe on a planet a billion miles away. Do you think based on nothing that has actually happened to them – they would find a problem for them because of their perception of them BEING a VICTIM and how they internal talk to themselves. It’s a hard habit to break to get themselves which usual gets them some attention. Gets them some importance by bragging that they have to endure or put up with something.

Can you imagine it now? “Oh they didn’t put all my molecules back in the right way.” They might say. (And of course they actually did) “I am going to sue them.” “I am now sick because of this beaming technology!”  “I can’t wait to get back home!” Of course their home is a hoarder’s nest and hasn’t been clean or the floor seen in two decades!

Hey and why introduce them to an exotic planet when back home is so good? They will find a million things to complain and moan about even when they are not there.

Then you take someone who already has a good perception of his world and they can’t stop talking about how wonderful it is and how awesome it is to be there! They say “This is so gorgeous! Wow! Thank you for thinking of me when you wanted to travel here” “We’re going to have such a great time!” I can’t wait to explore the rest of this exotic planet! And they find so many things to love – we LOVE these people.

And we also love the other people who are victims don’t we? Part of us wants to join in. That part of us who doesn’t take responsibility for our creations and is stuck pointing fingers at outside things that we are victims of. The economy. The spouse. The job.

Now outcomes and results are directly coming from feeling and experiencing senses in your body as real or true for you. As you don’t sense imagination per se you have to rely on some indicators.


Imagination is invisible to your outer senses. You might feel these words are true with one of your senses but your ego usually requires physical proof or a physical presence to consider it as true. Your ego is only doing what you believe – nothing more and nothing less. It is not a separate entity hanging on to you with fear of something whispering quietly to you. The ego folks doesn’t exist as something a separate thing from you.

DO you realize that the power of the Universe is singing its tune to you all day long with its power that you can actually use?

Go look in the mirror. You are here. That is the power that has manifested an incredible being that is making this world so much better because you are here. Just being here the Universe thought you were important enough to manifest you as a part of it. How many times have you considered that all power lies within you? Right within your grasp? That being here makes you one with the Universe?  It lies in the relationship you have with the idea that you are all imagination and one with the “I AM”. 

Can you try it on for size? Can you claim it as yours? Can it be totally true for you?

We sometimes forget that what we can’t see includes some very important things that enjoy that are invisible to the naked eye. Love, truth, friendship, atmosphere, electrons, neurons, protons, atoms, etc..

The noise of ego you learn as your grow up is about survival not about creating a life that is worth living usually. When your not driving the bus of your motivations you are helpless to them. Your drive towards your own destiny can’t be demanded by anyone else but you. But how often are we driving our bus and not even sure where you’re driving it? No one can tell you to use your imagination towards your good. 1 in 1 million may even understand that we are all imagination and our lives are created by what we imagine. Most people are doing what they were told to do and what was expected of them. And what they think is capable of them selves without knowing how unlimited they are.

How many people actually realize this spirit that created the world is sitting in their imagination being used to limit their lives? Not many. Possibly you could be sitting there listening to or reading these words and feeling what is written here is true. There are no ranches for practicing imagination. Taming those wild thoughts you have is an inside job. Yes, it is possible to take control of your imagination with practice be or have what you want.

There is always an invisible man of imagination within you to call on and practice with. You are never alone. Next time you feel pity for self realize you have an invisible man on the inside that is connected to all power of the universe. His name is called Human Imagination. Use him by going to the end and feeling what it’s like to have or be what you desire and may I suggest that you start doing it today.

Practice seeing the invisible man inside of you that prepares the mansions that you imagine. Practice knowing your always supported to such an extent that the Universe delivers to you what you believe, assume and feel as true. You have a key to everything you want now it’s time to practice using it. May your imagination be fertile with belief and conviction as you feel and see, feel and hear the end scene as something you already have in your current life. As Neville has said in his lectures begin in the end.  

Gary Nordgren

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